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About Branch Medical Group

Branch Medical Group, our client is a world-class contract manufacturer of medical implants that believes in delivering on time because it makes a difference, both to your bottom-line and someone’s lifeline. That’s why Branch Medical make commitments, not just promises. When one is committed, quality becomes as valuable as time. Contracts are no longer pieces of paper, but partnerships. Excellence turns into a priority, not a checklist. Branch Medical values relationships over everything. After all, it’s more than just business. It’s the business of life.


Branch Medical Group was using internal processes and tools including Microsoft Excel to help manage Manufacturing, Finance & Supply Chain management. While functional, this approach posed several challenges and the internal process was not flexible.

Coordinating business processes, from quote bid, installation to production scheduling and project costing all became extremely difficult. In addition, disparate systems made capturing consolidated data and communicating real-time inventory information to vendors, suppliers, and customers practically impossible. Lack of system integration meant that employees often relied on time-consuming manual processes to manage production tasks and track order status.

Relied on manual processes (excels sheets and registers) and the system study revealed some serious concerns. The time spend was high due to the dependence on excel sheets and manual records to search any data for reference.


Korcomptenz performed an unbiased ERP selection process by comparing AX, SAP and a home-grown application. We showed demos and let Branch Medical Group team fill the scorecard and then zero in on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Korcomptenz used its best practices for the implementation process and found that Branch Medical Group could use Microsoft Dynamics AX to run critical aspects of its operations, including finance, manufacturing, and supply chain management. Branch discovered some of the most impressive capabilities in the Sales, Trade and Logistic module. The company could initiate purchase orders from production orders, sales orders, or inventory coverage rules, as well as create direct links to the sales order, thus supporting just-in-time purchasing for customer requirements. The features in the Sales , Trade and Logistic module enabled Branch Industries to enter and process orders 60 percent faster and with less legwork.


  • Branch Medical Group implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX, with the help of Korcomptenz. They improved cross-functional coordination, and ensured they had consistent, reliable data, information on requests, and seamless IT support for business processes.
  • More-precise material management and production planning, for higher efficiency in capacity allocation.
  • More-flexible production, for improved customer service and CRM.
  • Greater efficiency in automatic change management, reducing manual workloads and boosting production performance.
  • Clearly defined company structure and visible workflow simplified the process.
  • Unified processes for all production units.
  • Greater situational awareness among business managers.

Korcomptenz recommends Microsoft Dynamics AX as an ideal ERP for midsize manufacturers such as Branch Medical Group, so when Branch implemented the solution, they found they could use a single system for many business-critical functions, including finance, manufacturing, and supply chain management. And with the increased level of support and reliability, Branch felt secure in the knowledge that this system would always be running smoothly, to support all stakeholders.

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