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About the Company

The client, an e-bike retailer is on a mission to revolutionize the way people move. It’s award-winning electric drive systems are answering a growing worldwide demand for alternative transportation solutions that enable environmental sustainability and a higher quality of life.

Although the client’s e-bike systems were first introduced to the market over 10 years ago as purely a retrofit product on any bicycle, the systems eventually evolved and became available as standard equipment on complete electric bicycles in 2008. Today, many leading bicycle manufacturers in Europe and North America, including Trek and Wheeler to name a few, offer complete products powered by the client. Headquartered in Aurora, Ontario, Canada, the client has various locations and sales partners in over 15 countries.

The client has customers and sales partners over 15 different countries. The customers can place orders on the client website directly like any other eCommerce website. The client’s team then extracts customer and order information in an excel file and create it manually in AX. Every new customer and order was being created in AX manually by the customer service team. The client wanted to automate this process by developing an interface program and approached the Korcomptenz Dynamics team.


The manual process was time-consuming and customer service team would spend a full day to create and complete three customer orders in Dynamics AX.

File format conversion, eCommerce files will be extracted in. CSV format which will be by converted into excel by customer service.

Data filtering, eCommerce extract contains all field information from the website. Customer service needs to validate and enter required information.

Manual entry of customer data, led to data discrepancy between two systems. Duplicate customers were created as there is no unique customer ID followed in the current system.

The client wanted to implement an approval workflow process for every new customer creation release done by the customer service division.


Developed new interface program to automate customer master creation in Dynamics AX system based on the data from eCommerce site. Source data will be extracted from eCommerce site on regular interval, periodic batch program in Dynamics AX will pick up the file and create new customers. Master templates are created in Dynamics AX to default the standard values based on customer country.

Logic written in Dynamics AX to read the file, validate the data, and copy customer templates and create new customers. Number sequencing implemented to sequence the customer number based on customer country. Workflow approval was implemented to create new customers and release to the divisions. New customers will be approved before it is released to the division which will ship the product to the customer. A customer can be released to multiple divisions within the client Company.


Interface was seamless between systems and new customer were created without any delay.

Reduced manual work. Customer creation, approval and move to division was completely automated.

Duplicate customer records / orders reduced considerably.

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