7 reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics Business Central


Is it worth choosing Microsoft Dynamics Business Central?

With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, many companies are probably wondering whether it is worth choosing to invest in Business Central. They might have gotten comfortable with their existing business solutions and are reluctant to move. If you are one of them, then we will help you decide by highlighting 7 reasons why you should invest in Business Central.

1. Capabilities

Business Central implementation is aimed at companies who have outgrown their entry – level accounting or legacy ERP Systems. It has robust capabilities which are just perfect for these small and mid-size enterprises whose initial financial packages are not enough and who are not financially equipped to invest in more highly customized ERP’s. But for the small and mid-sized businesses, it affords the following capabilities:

MSD365 BC info Design

2. Regular Updates

For those familiar with Dynamics NAV, this aspect of Business Central will be a welcome addition. Unlike with NAV, in Business Central service updates are done automatically once a month by Microsoft rather than the users having to wait for version releases. It is a fully online service with the price per user accommodating all the costs associated with running the software.

3. Customizations and Scalability

As a Microsoft Dynamics product, Business Central is highly customizable. It can be customized for individual customers’ needs through extension 2.0 from where it can be directly uploaded to the tenant of the customer. Business Central is also highly scalable which makes it an added advantage for the organization.

4. Costs

Business Central is Microsoft’s Online Cloud Service offering, as such it makes use of the cloud to store relevant data. All the costs of maintaining, hosting and updating the software are all packaged under the monthly subscription license. It ensures that the cost of the service remains low. As it is an online service it can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

5. Training

One concern that new users might have is the usability of the service. How easy it is to use and what training they can get in how to use it are common questions. In the case of Business Central, Online Learning Portals are available to aid users on how to better leverage Business Central. This training is not only available for customers but also for partners who can make use of Microsoft’s Ready to Go Program to either get individual or group coaching to learn more about how to use Business Central.

6. Security

Another aspect of Business Central which concerns users is the security aspect of it. As a cloud service, users have concerns that their data might not be secure, but such worries can be assuaged as Microsoft takes security seriously and ensures that each tenant’s data is isolated in a secure space to avoid mixing up of data. Only the tenant can access their own data. For the individuals who are still unsure about it, Business Central also has an on – premise version which can be maintained on their own servers with similar capabilities.

7. Reporting

Power BI is available as a native integration of Business Central, which gives the user access to better quality and real-time reports on all their activities allowing them the opportunity to make better and more informed decisions. With Business Central Online the user can also gain access to Cloud Insights which helps the user to analyse the data provided by Power BI and in turn track performance.

Reasons Report

All the above reasons will help you decide whether or not to invest in Business Central but to truly bring out the full power of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central implementation, you need the help of a Microsoft Partner who can help you customize it as per the needs of your company and your Industry. This is where Korcomptenz can help.

KORCOMPTENZ is a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner headquartered in New Jersey with extensive experience improving business outcomes for our customers. We leverage end-to-end solutions involving the ongoing convergence of ERP, Azure Cloud, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT. We specialize in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 range of products such as Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, and Dynamics 365 CRM. Request a consultation today

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