Posted on October 3, 2018

Deliver Exceptional Retail Experience That Elevate Your Store and Point of Sale Operations

Earlier it was just the Internet, fast forward now, we have a convergence of big data, cloud, and the Internet of things ( IoT ) that is creating possibly new highways to making sense of the large data available, throwing in new challenges and business opportunities at the same time. Today systems and applications are designed to capture, store, process, analyses data in a manner that can provide valuable insights and benefits for quick and well-informed decision making.

There are technologies that help you to map every part of the customer experience pushing Retailer to be responsive to enhance the customer journey and offer more than expectations. On the other side, Customers are expecting capabilities from enterprise that will woo them better shopping experience, be it online or in-store

The Retail applications of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the combined power of ERP and CRM , offers just the key tools to cater to the ever-changing digitized market.

The ever-changing eco systems

Must haves for a happy shopper …

Mobile responsive site, ease of access and downloads, shop on-the-go, highly secure & easy to pay options, cross-device cart functionality, consistency & speed of service, personalized service and reward programs. In today’s world, retailer encounters with many challenges, from managing daily operations at their stores to transforming their business for future growth. Retailer needs a secure, scalable, cloud engineered and simplified solution that is easy to deploy, configure implement and operate.

Few of the must to have needs are

Retail Experience Store

  • Omni-Channel Operations

  • 360 intelligence of the customer

  • Supply chain optimisation

  • Finance and Accounting management

  • Inventory management

  • Agile Technologies adaptation

  • Localization

  • Safer, Quicker and faster deployment

  • IoT Enabled & seamless integration across platforms and solutions

  • Data driven Analytics

What is microsoft dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is unique, powerful business software that has the functionality and benefits of both customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). The platform includes applications that address the full range of business processes including Sales, Customer Service, Finance and Operations, FieldService, Marketing, Talent, Retail, and Customer Insights.

How dynamics 365 is unique to retailing?

  • Ease of access to real time information

  • Omnichannel capabilities

  • Global reach and localisation

  • Mapping Customer Journey’s to enable enhanced engagement

  • Customer Insights that cater to what’s important and relevant

  • Accelerate Operational efficiency that keeps you on track with the strategy to prioritize growth

  • Data that helps in tracking KPI

  • Future Ready solution integrating all dynamics of business

  • Cloud and on premises capabilities

Why microsoft dynamics 365?

MS Dynamics 365 Retail

  • Dynamics 365 for Retail helps retailers get ahead in today’s competitive environment that drive their retail operations, deliver a connected employee experience, and delight customers with exceptional shopping experiences resulting in positive business impact

  • Real time data information at your finger tips

  • Cloud based solutions that reduces the cost of on-premise infrastructure

  • Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Flow allow self-service customization and improved mobility

Challenges of retailing

  • How to empower HQ users, Store managers and front line Operators?

  • How to tackle the omnichannel dilemma of accessing relevant data, inventory visibility & availability, security and payments.

  • How to manage store level execution which may include managing day to day operations and labor and vendor management

  • How to manage and drive sales seamlessly – online, instore

  • How to streamline operations – supply chain and logistics

  • How to build the Next generation experience for your shoppers consistently in the digital space

How does dynamics retailing answers the pain points?

Retail Store Flow
Microsoft Dynamics maps and integrates your key business operations seamlessly: Makes each function talks to each other

Microsoft Dynamics provides you with seamless Omnichannel and commerce excellence

Consumer journey mapping

Microsoft Dynamics gives a real view of resources and process to handle costs around functions of replenishment, order management, warehouse and transportation logistics.

Module and key features

Microsoft Dynamics helps create a digitized operations around your retail outlets and store operations to enable interactive displays, assisted selling, assortment & Catalog management, merchandising and planning.

Module and key features

Microsoft app source

Microsoft Dynamics Retail helps create digitized workplaces by promoting access to data that is actionable to achieve more

Microsoft app source

Upgrade to dynamics 365 for retail

There is no description after this heading. You can say – Microsoft does provide existing Dynamics 2009 and 2012 R2/R2 customers a seamless upgrade path. Below is the snapshot of how it is achieved.

Upgrade to dynamics 365 for retail

Systems of engagement

  • Omni-channel Commerce

  • Dynamic promotions

  • Multi-channel order fulfilment

  • Loyalty Management

Enterprise efficiency

  • ERP Implementation

  • Application Upgrade

  • POS solutions

  • Merchandise Analytics

It cost management

  • AMS

  • L1, L2 & L3 Support

  • Network Support

  • Infra-structure support

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