Posted on April 6, 2020

Leverage the latest technologies to improve processes across sales, service, marketing, and operations in Salesforce

In today’s highly competitive business environment, every company is looking to stay ahead of the competition. Technology is emerging as a key enabler to help organizations achieve their goals. This is commonly referred to as an organization’s digital transformation. While the concept is broad, the goal is simple: Leverage the latest technologies to improve processes across sales, service, marketing, and operations.

The sales portion of this process is often called sales enablement. Sales enablement is the use of tools, content, and information sets that can radically improve the sales initiatives of a firm, improving the efficiency of the process and increasing the number of new customers and revenue. This blog focuses on the benefits of digital transformation and sales enablement in Salesforce.

Digital Transformation

Most businesses around the world are either on the way to digitization or have already gone fully digital. According to estimates, nearly 40% of all technology spending during 2019 will be for digital transformation initiatives. This shows that top executives are ready to invest in these initiatives on a large scale. The large spend is justified by the key benefits of such a transformation:

  • Businesses can manage resources more efficiently and accurately. You can access all information in a single dashboard, and interpret the data to make better decisions. This also empowers your employees by showing them what they are doing right and where they have room for improvement.

  • Businesses can dramatically improve their customer experience. Digital transformation can make your products and services more accessible, faster, and more accurate. It also allows you to maintain a history of all customer interactions, offering opportunities for personalization throughout the relationship, thereby improving customer satisfaction ratings.

  • Digital transformation also enables you to create better products and services. You could use technologies such as Big Data and Machine Learning to analyse and execute your product plans.

Sales Enablement

Sales EnablementBusinesses around the world are already reaping the benefits of technology-driven sales teams. The primary benefit of sales enablement is to empower your sales team with the data and resources to improve their targeting, positioning, and ultimately closure rate while increasing efficiency. Sales enablement is supported by CRM platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. These platforms provide the tools to:

  • Centralize sales data from prospects to accounts; this can include integration of rich data from LinkedIn and other sources
  • Track all interactions with prospects and customers

  • Manage all sales documentation and collateral

  • Implement workflows and approval chains for sales materials including proposals, presentations, and contracts

  • Manage tasks with proactive reminders and insights

  • Generate data about your sales process and closure rate to make smarter decisions

The latest software even includes artificial intelligence to help identify hot leads and increase opportunities for closure. And, of course, most leading platforms feature mobile apps for use on the road.

Sales enablement can also be supplemented by marketing automation. Tools such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud allow your email campaigns to be partially or even fully automated, thereby saving time and resources for your business.

Whether you are just getting started on your digital transformation and sales enablement journey, or already have systems and processes in place, Korcomptenz can help. We combine strategic knowledge, business process experience, and technical expertise to address your technology needs. Contact us for a consultation today.

Korcomptenz is a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner. We’ve been in business for almost 17 years and can get you started on these top platforms by procuring the software, implementing and customizing your solution, importing and integrating your data, and providing full service support. Our seasoned teams of strategic thinkers also help map out your business processes and implement them on Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, all at very cost-effective price points.

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