Boost up your Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Moving from QuickBooks Enterprise to Dynamics 365 Business Central can boost up your Business

When it comes to choosing an accounting software you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the software you are deciding upon. Some of the things you will look for is whether it supports your specific needs and is user-friendly. This is not an easy decision considering the many packages available today in the market, particularly if your business is fast growing.

Quickbooks Enterprise to Dynamics 365

Many companies begin with a simple software but as they go along, they realize that they’ve outgrown it since their needs keep growing and the current software is no longer able to handle all their requirements.

Therefore, it is imperative to consider the future needs where your organization will be a few years from now. The question to consider is, will the software still support my needs when my growth is doubled or three-fold?

QuickBooks Enterprise works very well for start-ups but once the business grows, it can become very frustrating and will not be able to offer the kind of reports and features one may need in a growing business environment. Furthermore, since QuickBooks Enterprise does not support Enterprise Resource Planning, users will have to use another software to take care of their other business requirements.

Moreover, it lacks depth of capabilities within purchasing, inventory, manufacturing and distribution, audit control, and advanced reporting. Adding capabilities and service offerings from QuickBooks’ partners is expensive.

Besides, it is weak on user permissions and gets more and more unwieldy as your business grows, lacking the sophistication of other accounting platforms.

Digital Transformation with a New Approach to Implementation of Business Applications


Drive business results with next-generation, multi-channel applications that infuse artificial intelligence (Al), mixed reality, social, and mobile capabilities for rapid innovation.


Enable people to do their best work by unifying relationships, processes, and data with comprehensive business central applications connected through a common Microsoft Dynamics cloud platform.


Achieve greater business outcomes with built-in intelligence and prescriptive guidance delivered by leading Al and analytics technologies.


Thrive as your business changes by extending existing applications, building new solutions, and integrating with other technologies on a flexible, scalable, and secure platform.

Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation, on the other hand, is a comprehensive feature-rich software so much so that users will need to get trained in the different modules to use it optimally. Once that is done, you will find this caters to all your business needs and more. Further, since most of us have grown up in the business world using Microsoft Office tools, the user interface will be one that’s already familiar to you. There is no need to use multiple software packages since this has more than 600 features.

Furthermore, the shared codebase between Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV ensures complete consistency and ease of transition for users between on-premise and cloud versions.

Since Dynamics 365 Business Central is built on Microsoft Azure platform it can scale to support growing transaction volumes and more users. Moreover, it includes a web-based reporting portal with extensive reporting capabilities.

Dynamics 365 is so much more than just an accounting software and has various plans to choose from that fits your business needs:

Dynamics 365 has sophisticated security roles and permissions to help keep data safer. Moreover, here’s a list of features you will not find in QuickBooks Enterprise but only in Dynamics 365:

Many customers today are moving from QuickBooks Enterprise to Dynamics 365 not because there’s anything wrong with QuickBooks Enterprise but because it can no longer support their growing needs.

If you’re thinking of moving from QuickBooks Enterprise and wondering what to choose next, then Dynamics 365 Business Central is clearly the best choice.

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