5 pain points a unified Microsoft Dynamics 365 retail management system solves instantly


5 Pain Points That Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Retail Can Help You Solve

In today’s brutally competitive retail environment, it’s more critical than ever for you to have true end-to-end control and visualization across your entire operation.

Increasingly, retailers who aren’t at the top of their game are falling by the wayside. You only have to look as far as high-profile bankruptcies such as Toys ‘R Us, Payless, and Diesel. The evidence couldn’t be more apparent.

The companies likely to survive what has been described as a “retail apocalypse” are those smart enough to invest in efficiency, customer experience, and scalability. A Microsoft Dynamics 365 retail management system is worth consideration. Retailers must leverage solutions that give them comprehensive oversight and control over all aspects of their operation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Commerce is a cloud-based, unified retail solution. It arms you with the data and agility necessary to make informed decisions quickly and in the best interests of your business.

Let’s look at 5 pain points that Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 can help you solve instantly.

Data integration with the three “E’s”

Unifying data is an important step on the road to a truly integrated retail solution and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail for Commerce breaks down “data silos”. Bad data management negatively affects product maintenance resulting in discrepancies in the inventory life cycle. In turn, this leads to unnecessary costs managing excess inventory and poor customer experience when products are unavailable.

Dynamics 365 underpins a Microsoft retail management system that integrates eCommerce with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) giving you full control over the product life cycle.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 retail management system

Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

The cost of implementing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution is surprisingly low. Moreover, costs are monthly and predictable with no wasted capacity and the ability to scale instantly to meet demand.
Not only that, a cloud solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Commerce, is not a capital item and can be reflected in your operating budget. All of this results in a lower TCO for your retail operation.

Pricing insights

Your margins are under ever increasing pressure. This means that correctly leveraging pricing insights is the number one way your retail business can maximize profit and ROI. The right pricing strategy is the key to profitable growth.

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 instantly supplies the data you need to inform your pricing strategy and therefore contributes directly to your bottom line.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 retail management system

Trends Analysis

A Microsoft retail management system run on Dynamics 365 empowers you to study sales trends and patterns in real time as they develop across the various channels and levels of your retail operation.

These are powerful insights that guide your critical decision making by giving you the accurate information you need anytime and anywhere including on mobile devices.

Demand forecasting

Your retail business needs to forecast demand across channels accurately. Traditional forecasting methods are inefficient and the quality of information they provide is generally poor. The result is inefficient inventory management.

Dynamics 365 for Commerce dramatically improves your ability to forecast demand accurately and you save unnecessary cost on redundant inventory. It also increases customer satisfaction by ensuring better availability of in-demand items.

It’s no longer a question of “if”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail for Commerce enables you to manage your entire retail operation mobile first, across channels, and in the cloud more efficiently.

By utilizing its machine learning and business intelligence functionality to empower your retail business, you unleash continuous business value by integrating processes and data for real cross channel visibility and control.

In today’s insanely competitive retail environment, it’s not a question of if you should implement a unifying solution, it’s only a question of when.

And, if you want to survive the “retail apocalypse”, that time is now.

Korcomptenz, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 retail partner, offers innovative retail and eCommerce solutions allowing companies to digitally transform in the retail space. Get in touch with our experienced consultants today! Request a Consultation to learn more. 

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