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Salesforce Support + Management Services

Salesforce Support + Management Services

Korcomptenz - Salesforce - Salesforce Support

Salesforce Support + Management Services

Save Money on Seamless Support for all Your Ongoing Needs
KORCOMPTENZ can help reduce your management costs by up to 40%

Your Salesforce implementation and your users need to be supported. Maintained. Managed. Upgraded. Enhanced. KORCOMPTENZ can help by offering a unique combination of Salesforce expertise and experience implementing global support models that reduce costs and improve results, allowing you to outsource repetitive, labor intensive tasks while maintaining control and flexibility over your platform, resources, and other partners.

Services at a Glance

KORCOMPTENZ Salesforce Support Services can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization, resources, and current partners, helping you save up to 40% on key tasks.

Technical Support

Bug Fixes

Maintenance Activities




Reporting + Analysis

Full Support for all Services Levels

KORCOMPTENZ proven support services can fully support your needs from Tier 1 to Tier 4.

Tier 1
Basic help desk resolution and service desk delivery for basic Salesforce needs
Tier 2
In-depth technical support with deep knowledge of Salesforce and the overall ecosystem
Tier 3
Expert Salesforce and ecosystem support provided by true product specialists, immersed in the unique complexities of your implementation
Tier 4
External support for issues not resolvable or supportable within the organization

Customizable Processes, Workflows, and Service Level Agreements

KORCOMPTENZ understands that every organization is different and our support services are designed to fully integrate with your people, processes, and systems.


We work collaboratively, and productively and constructively with your internal staff and external partners


We integrate with your support processes and workflows, or we can help you define improved processes and governance


We can leverage your investments in help desk and reporting software, or use our own systems


Substantial Benefits Beyond the Price

KORCOMPTENZ Salesforce Support Services are designed to do much more than save you money. The 40% cost savings you could experience is important, but our relationships and engagements don’t end with a great price.

Knowledge Transfer

Business Continuity



Tailored Engagements to Meet Your Needs + Budget

KORCOMPTENZ offers a variety of engagement models to meet your unique support needs and budget.

Per Project

Engage us to perform a defined scope of work on a per project or time and materials basis

Allocated Hours

Engage us for an agreed upon number of hours per month for specific tasks or services

Dedicated Resources

Engage specific resources on a full-time basis as extensions of your own team

The 40% Savings Are Real

We know you can’t trust everything you read online. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll demonstrate how we can save you up to 40% on your Salesforce support services using our proprietary methodologies, flexible engagement models, and global delivery teams.

Supporting Services

KORCOMPTENZ services don’t stop with Salesforce. We offer a full range of world-class digital transformation solutions across your full stack and complete technology ecosystem.


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