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Salesforce Support + Management Services

Your Salesforce implementation and your users need to be supported. Maintained. Managed. Upgraded. Enhanced. KORCOMPTENZ, as a Salesforce Partner can help by offering a unique combination of Salesforce expertise and experience implementing global Salesforce support models that reduce costs and improve results, allowing you to outsource repetitive, labor-intensive tasks while maintaining control and flexibility over your platform, resources, and other partners.

Getting Started with Salesforce Einstein AI

Customizable Processes, Workflows, and Service Level Agreements

  • People
    We work collaboratively, and productively and constructively with your internal staff and external partners

  • Processes
    We integrate with your support processes and workflows, or we can help you define improved processes and governance
  • Systems
    We can leverage your investments in help desk and reporting software, or use our own systems

Salesforce: Achieving Business Growth

Your sales, marketing, and customer service teams have needs. From access to accurate, actionable information to analytics and custom functionality, your users rely on technology to help them get the job done right and make your company successful.

State of Connected Customers

Today’s consumers are both more informed and less loyal than their predecessors. Businesses need to accept that simple fact and understand that their customers – whether consumers or business buyers – have certain expectations of the companies they purchase from.

Full Support for all Services Levels

KORCOMPTENZ proven Salesforce support services can fully support your needs from Tier 1 to Tier 4.

  • Tier 1
    Basic help desk resolution and service desk delivery for basic Salesforce needs
  • Tier 2
    In-depth technical support with deep knowledge of Salesforce and the overall ecosystem
  • Tier 3
    Expert Salesforce and ecosystem support provided by true product specialists, immersed in the unique complexities of your implementation
  • Tier 4
    External support for issues not resolvable or supportable within the organization

Services at a Glance

Technical Support
Bug Fixes
Maintenance Activities
Reporting + Analysis

Blogs and Insights

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