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Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions


How CDP supports a seamless Privacy Compliance Posture

The Data Privacy Dilemma-How CDP supports a seamless privacy compliance posture and the des will be Unlike most CDPs, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a vendor agnostic, self-service solution that enables faster time to initial value with zero to minimal consulting engagement—bring in and validate your data in minutes versus weeks or months with other solution.

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Four ways Data Helps B2B personalize at scale

With a CDP( Customer Data Platform ) you can unify customer data and ensure that individual privacy preferences are met and enforced across all marketing channels. Check the collateral and learn how to Get a complete view of customers.

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Korcomptenz B2B eCommerce Portal

The customer is a large construction supplies manufacturer and distributor in Canada and the United States. The organization manufactures a wide range of adhesives and other binding ...

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