The financial industry is a diverse market, encompassing global organizations and regional institutions, a variety of business models, platforms and customer needs. At the same time, regulatory and privacy concerns place demands across all sectors, requiring organizations to partner with providers with strict compliance and security protocols.

Deliver Intelligent Banking With Azure Synapse!

Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics can empower financial institutions to process a tsunami of data in near real time and deliver actionable insights to combat fraud, personalize customers’ financial experiences, and improve risk insight:

  • Fraud detection to combat financial crime and protect the bank and its customers.

  • Personalization to deliver seamless banking experiences that accelerates customer loyalty.

  • Risk management to enable rapid and actionable responses to market needs and comply with regulatory requirements.

Korcomptenz can help you identify business opportunities for implementing advanced analytics capabilities like these — without disrupting your existing processes. Watch our webinar on Azure Synapse to learn more!

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Does Your Financial Services Business Experience Any Of These Challenges?

KORCOMPTENZ affordable transformation solutions provide lasting value for your organization by combining strategic insights and technical skills to solve organizational challenges and outpace your competition.

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How We Partner with Financial Companies

Trust the technology and industry experts at Korcomptenz to help solve your business challenges and gain competitive advantage for your financial services company.

Korcomptenz has delivered award winning programs proven to acquire more prospects and service existing ones using the latest technologies. We specialize in results-oriented thinking that delivers measurable benefits, and our diverse teams include both technology and UI/UX experts to ensure a smooth experience at every touch point.

Finance Customer Experienced

Korcomptenz extensive experience in financial and other highly regulated industries provides our customers unparalleled peace of mind. We know enterprise security and we understand the regulatory environment around sensitive patient information, crafting programs that enable you to cheive your goals while complying with your policies.

Finance Security and Compliance

Korcomptenz combines front-end web development and other customer facing technologies, including innovative virtual agents and chat solutions, with a deep understanding of CRM and other operational technologies, ensuring your solution is end-to-end and fully integrated with your systems.

Finance Full Stack Technology

Korcomptenz is a true partner that invests in the technologies you need to succeed. Our proven Center of Excellence delivery model supports efforts to both run and transform your business, enabling you to take advantage of pilot programs and proofs of concepts of next generation technology before a full rollout.

Finance Co-Innovate

Korcomptenz has over 15 years of experience in business process automation, helping healthcare companies unlock new potential in their organization. We let you and your team focus on growing your business while we handle the technology details one successful engagement at a time

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Korcomptenz does more than help you report on your data and generate new insights. We help you collect the data with secure research initiatives, protect the data, and then visualize it to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Finance Research and Analytics

Key Digital Transformation Areas for Financial Services has identified seven major trends for the financial services industry. Korcomptenz is ready to help your company capitalize on these trends with best-in-class technology.

Financial Services Key Digital

Solutions Offered

CRM Services
CRM Services

How to select your CRM

Comprehensive implementation and support models

Enterprise Web Content Management
Enterprise Web Content Management

Modernize your website

Engage more users and attract more visitors

Cloud Services Management
Cloud Services Management

Gain peace of mind and save money in the cloud

Learn more about how managed services provide stability and efficiency

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Explore how PowerBI can generate insights and efficiencies

Learn more about the impact of BI on your business

Customer Journey + Acquisition
Customer Journey + Acquisition

Digitize your customer journey and maximize conversions

Transform your business with self-service features

Omni Channel Presence
Omni Channel Presence

Upgrade to a modern store experience

Recognize your customers and sell anywhere, anytime

Data Security and Compliance
Data Security and Compliance

Protect your network and data from intrusions

Ensure your software,servers,and other devices are up-to-date

Infrastructure Management Solutions
Infrastructure Management Solutions

Support your infrastructure with a human touch

Easily grow and scale with a proven partner

System Integration and Unified View
System Integration and Unified View

Access a unified view of your complete operations

Integrate disparate systems to reduce redundancy and share data

Web Application Management Solutions
Web Application Management Solutions

Protect and upgrade your website

Ensure your mobile apps are up to date and compatible

Enabling Digital Transformation In The Financial Industry

Solutions designed for financial services

Data security solutions for financial services

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Solution for financial services

Cloud Services Management for financial services

Enterprise level CRM solutions for financial services

Customer onboarding and acquisition solutions for financial services

Customer support and service solutions for financial services

Website design and development for financial services

Marketing automation for financial services

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