Build Brands, Acquire Customers, Retain Lifelong Loyalist

eCommerce is one of the hottest sectors in the technology transformation space, offering organizations the opportunity to create new revenue streams from global customers, expand into new markets, and improve their operational efficiency. At the same time, companies need smart, end-to-end eCommerce solutions that address everything from your brand positioning to their technology platform. These systems need to work together seamlessly, driving targeted traffic and growing profitable revenue. Korcomptenz can help.

Build and Refine Your Brand

What’s On The Minds Of Business Leaders?

  • Best in class online brand presence
  • Attract high-value customers

  • Increase conversions and repeat business
  • Implementing the best practices around omni-channel to enhance customer experience
  • Ensuring high ROAs on performance marketing

  • Customer Research & Insights, Reporting and Analytics

  • Modern eCommerce platforms power interactions across channels, online marketplaces, and other customer touchpoints

  • Having a seamless integrated customer experience from order to delivery

Chatbots on the rise in eCommerce
Chatbots on the rise in eCommerce

Chatbots, which are computer programs that simulate conversations with human users, are on the rise in eCommerce. In fact, according to a report by Gartner …

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Increase Engagement in your online store
5 tips to increase engagement in your online store

eCommerce never stops growing. Over 20 years into the online shopping revolution, year on year growth in the United States remains at 23% and nearly 51% of Americans consider online shopping to be better than physical retail.

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What We Offer

Korcomptenz provides value-added, end-to-end eCommerce solutions that address all aspects of your brand, strategy, and technology ecosystem

Brand and Business Understanding
Strategy and Consulting

Full Stack eCommerce
Platforms and Beyond

UI/UX Design and Prototyping for
Desktop and Mobile Devices

CMS, Mobile Apps, and Marketing
Automation Solutions

eCommerce Platform Implementation and
Integration OMS, ERP, CRM, WMS, etc.

Advertising and Performance

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Customer Services

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