Posted on July 30, 2019

How Automated Is Your Organization?

Marketing automation. Business process automation. Robotic process automation. You’ve probably heard the terms. You might have seen a demo of the software in action and thought that maybe your organization could benefit. Perhaps this rapidly growing market has piqued your interest even further and you’ve received a proposal on a leading platform, but you’ve also been wondering how to get started, what to do first, and how much it will really help.
Before you begin your automation journey, however, the first question you need to ask yourself is: How automated is your organization right now? An honest assessment will help you identify opportunities where automation can really help, and ultimately guide you to what software you need to get started.

Here are some top items to consider:

Robotic Process Automation

  • Does your marketing team spend their time creating great content and impactful materials or are they too busy managing your customer and prospect email lists, coding and sending messages, and manually pulling reports?

  • Does important business data flow smoothly throughout your organization, moving from one system to another are leads captured from your website heading straight to sales and then ultimately right into your accounting software or do your different departments spend a lot of their time copying information from one system to another?

  • Are your important business processes carried out on some convoluted combination of spreadsheets, emails, notes, and even old fashioned post-its or is everything online, in one place, with notifications and reminders when the next step is ready?

  • Are you employing resources to capture information out of email, like invoices and other accounting documents, then copy and paste it into one or more systems, risking data loss and transcription errors or do emails and PDFs automatically integrate with your business systems?

  • Are there other tedious and repetitive tasks do your team members spend their time on, for example creating reports, checking to see if a server is up and running, or something similar when they could better spend their time on creative, productive work?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above or have a variety of other tasks that require repetitive, manual labor automation might be the answer. At the same time, automation comes in many flavors and is featured in many software packages, leading you to consider which approach is right for you.

Do I jump right into Robotic Process Automation? Do I need a Marketing Automation Platform instead? Is there anything I can do with my existing ERPCRM, or other business software?

The answers to these questions aren’t simple, and a proven partner like Korcomptenz can help. We’ve got a strategic approach that’s right for you. One that will maximize your return on investment and free up valuable resources for more critical thinking and problem-solving tasks, improving customer service and growing your revenue.

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