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SAP’s innovative solutions have helped businesses streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and adapt to the dynamic business landscape. Implementing SAP is a significant step towards modernization and sustainability. However, it’s imperative to understand that SAP implementation is just the start of your journey, the actual work starts later.

Some companies may encounter challenges in meeting their goals after spending immensely on SAP applications. Though applications can streamline your business processes, their complexity can pose difficulties if not properly managed. By carefully addressing service costs, building the necessary domain expertise, establishing strong governance practices, and balancing IT support with your business goals, you can navigate these challenges and ensure the successful operation of SAP applications.

Implementing a dedicated support system is crucial for improving productivity, reducing costs, and freeing up key IT resources in your organization. Having a support system like Application Management Services (AMS) is crucial for ensuring smooth operation and minimizing business disruptions when investing in SAP applications.

According to a market research report, the worldwide AMS market is expected to grow from $18.71 billion in the year 2023 to $60.19 billion in 2030.

SAP Application Management Services

This can be broadly divided into two – Functional and Technical. The AMS model lets you entrust the continuing support and maintenance of your SAP-based applications to an experienced partner. The SAP partners typically have extensive IT experience and specialized knowledge in managing and supporting your SAP applications. They typically offer constant monitoring and support for your SAP system as well as perform bug fixing and release patches so that you can run your business efficiently with minimum disruptions. One of the key benefits of engaging a partner is that it allows your internal IT team to shift their focus from routine daily tasks to more strategic plans and core business activities.

Major Benefits of SAP AMS

SAP AMS can bring several benefits to your business. Here is how: 

Active monitoring and analysis: AMS plays a proactive role in observing and analyzing your SAP software. The major goal is to keep away from key issues, ensuring smooth application functioning. AMS not only focuses on the technical aspects of your IT landscape but also considers your business processes. By analyzing both the technical and business dimensions, they can detect early signs of possible issues and take proactive measures to resolve them promptly.

Free up your in-house IT resources: Having a committed team for SAP support can effectively free up your in-house IT resources, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and enabling your business to achieve more. A well-planned application management process plays a crucial role in supporting the optimal development and testing of applications. Implementing a perfect application management process reduces the time spent by the internal team on monotonous tasks and allows them to focus on the core business priorities.

User education and system adeptness: User education and professional training play a crucial role in meeting expectations and improving business interactions when implementing and utilizing an SAP solution. Our AMS experts often collaborate closely with the internal IT team to effectively adapt to the new, practical changes in your system. This collaboration fosters knowledge sharing, skill development, and a sense of ownership, enabling your organization to leverage the SAP solution to its fullest potential, improving operations.

Automation for repeated actions: Automation reduces human intervention when it comes to workflows, evaluation, and solutions. It minimizes IT labor expenditures and optimizes application efficiency. Depending on your business need and organization landscape, AMS will help in determining and building your automation plan as well as deploying the same.

Profitable solutions: AMS helps in managing your SAP applications cost-effectively. The universal delivery models offered by your application management partner can provide the benefit of cost arbitrage due to minimal operating costs. The adaptability to ramp up or ramp down resources as well as access to numerous technologies covering every time zone can significantly increase productivity.

Application failure and unpredicted events: One of the key benefits of AMS is its ability to handle various issues, including application failures and hardware malfunctions while providing solutions that are future-ready. SAP application management services provide your business with the required tools and competencies to effectively manage your SAP systems while ensuring well-timed update releases without interrupting ongoing business operations.

Constant improvement: Another advantage of AMS support is the exclusion of complexity as well as the provision of configuration suggestions to optimize your current architecture. Your AMS partner will speed up the implementation of innovations with a plethora of SAP tools or services to meet your organization’s needs for constant growth and improved competitive advantage.

Why Korcomptenz?

Korcomptenz offers an extensive range of industry-best support such as enterprise resource planning, advisory services, AMS support, SLO for business transformations, upgrades and migrations, systems integration, business intelligence, as well as digital and managed services. Our AMS experts offer multiple technical as well as functional support you require to successfully reap the maximum benefits out of your SAP system.

Our SAP Service Offerings

Our SAP Service Offerings

When you choose to collaborate with an AMS partner, you’ll be ensured the top-notch performance of your SAP systems by extending your team’s capabilities. We’ll help you align your technology spending to your enterprise goals while minimizing risk, guaranteeing compliance, and improving costs.

SAP AMS allows you to:


The ever-progressing SAP landscape is intricate, and your internal IT department may need the required knowledge and expertise to address the challenges. With an AMS expert, you gain access to enhanced skills and proficiency honed for many years. Furthermore, your AMS partner is just like an expansion of your internal team, accessible round-the-clock. So, if you want to make the most out of your SAP investment, reach us for a free consultation.

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