Project Description

About the Customer

The customer is medical device and hardware manufacturing company that has been in business for more than 20 years. The company is committed to producing high quality and competitively priced products for the markets they serve. Their specialized product offerings enable customers to choose from about 2 million possible combinations.


The company has been in the business of manufacturing products using CAD/CAM and the Microsoft Office suite. Between the growing needs of their customers and 2 million possible configurations for their products, it soon became a challenge to maintain their production and post production warranty support.

The company explored various ERP products available in the market, performed a thorough business process analysis, prepared a process map, and subsequently selected the Microsoft Dynamics suite.


The company partnered with Korcomptenz to analyze their business evolution over 20+ years, map their business processes to the Microsoft Dynamics suite, and configure end-to-end operations in the software application.

As part of the implementation, Korcomptenz’s manufacturing, functional and technical experts implemented a unique feature of Microsoft Dynamics called the PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR, along with other modules such as finance, sales, production, warehouse, shipping, warranty, and support.

By adopting a configure-to-order philosophy, the organization had an opportunity to meet the huge demand from its customers for its unique products, while reducing or eliminating obsolete inventory items. When their manufacture-to-stock philosophy was shifted to a configure-to-order philosophy, an immediate challenge was the need to balance short lead times against low inventory levels.

The key to a successful implementation was to carefully analyze the product portfolio, and to look for patterns for both the product features and processes. The goal was to identify generic components that can be manufactured by the same equipment and used in all variants.

The new Product Configuration feature set included a user interface (UI) that provided a visual overview of the product configuration model structure, and also a declarative constraint syntax that doesn’t have to be compiled. This proved to be an optimal approach for the organization to get started quickly and easily.


The configured ERP product enabled the customer to reduce the product configuration phase timeline and also enabled them to manufacture faster and more accurate products in line with the needs of their end-customers.

The integration with the CAD/CAM software has reduced the time taken for BOM/items that were populated in the ERP, helping them manage their item versioning, and allowing them to easily reference what is available within the ERP for the production team. This also helped the warranty support team and field engineers know the configured and installed product before arriving at the customer location.

If you are manufacturing any products that have many possible combinations, contact the Korcomptenz manufacturing experts. We specialize in understanding your needs and developing solutions that transform your current AS-IS business process into best-in-class. Our team can propose future- and fool-proof software applications that fit your organizational requirements and your budget.

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