Posted on June 27, 2020

Web Consulting Services

With the advent of the net and social media, more and more people are now connected online. With this change in the Digital Landscape, businesses too need to work in order to keep up with the changing times. Below we will highlight all the services offered by us as, well as how these services can help you to expand your Digital presence from inception to launch, no matter what size business you are or what your business may be.

We offer the following services to help you with your digital journey at an affordable rate.

  • Web Solutions: Our Web solutions consists of all activities from website development, website design, web hosting and support, website integration and consulting strategy.
  • Mobile Solutions: Our Mobile solutions consists of Mobile App development, Mobile App Consultation etc.

  • Engagement Solutions: Our Engagement Solutions include Content Management System, Customer Service Chatbots + Automated Business Processes, ERP+ Backend Integration.

  • Marketing Automation + Customer Journeys: Under Marketing Automation, we offer customer journey mapping, campaign design and deployment, continuous analysis and reports etc.

  • Business Intelligence: Our Business Intelligence services include BI Platform Implementation + Support, Report Visualization + Customization, Consumer Behaviour + Data, Financial + Performance Forecasting, Report Analysis + Recommendations, Data Warehousing etc.

No matter the business, we have the solution:

All the above-mentioned services are tailored to suit your company and industry. We have highlighted below how Korcomptenz can help your industry as per your industry needs and concerns.

Small and Mid-size Enterprise Consultation:

The Top Four Concerns of Small and Medium Businesses Seeking a Best-in-Class Website Strategy.

  • How to generate targeted traffic and demand for your services?
  • How to identify and convert more leads online?
  • How to personalize the experience for visitors and how to deliver the right content at the right time?
  • How to make sure my website is built with best practices for performance, security, and mobile usage?

A majority of small and medium businesses don’t invest enough in their website to make it a true lead generation engine. They are hesitant to take advantage of features like personalization and marketing automation due to concerns about the cost.

KORCOMPTENZ can help address the above concerns as we deliver cost-effective solutions that will take your website presence to the next level. 

Enterprise Businesses Consultation:

An organization’s web and marketing technology has become a critical component of their success. 89% of consumer and 94% of business purchasing decisions begin with online research. Making sure these website users have a positive experience that converts visitors into leads and leads into customers requires a unique combination of industry best-practices, digital marketing and technology expertise, and the ability to understand the unique needs of your organization. Three critical components of an enterprise website include:

  • Eloquence (Great look and feel)

  • Ease of accessing information (load time, downloads and smooth operation in splits of seconds)

  • Enhanced Customer or User Engagement

In order to help our enterprise customers, achieve the above critical components Korcomptenz takes a holistic approach to your unique needs and technology environment.

Enterprise Businesses Consultation

Comprehensive Service Offerings for Enterprise Businesses:

KORCOMPTENZ offers comprehensive services across a wide range of applications and systems throughout the technology architecture and strategy process.

System We Support
System We Support
  • CMS

  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation

  • BI

  • ERP

Solutions We Provide
Solutions We Provide
  • Evaluation, Selection, and Procurement

  • Technology Architecture

  • Application Integration

  • System Requirements + Customizations

  • Implementation + Maintenance Support

Tool We Use
Tool We Use
  • User Assessments

  • Evaluation Scorecard

  • Vendor Profiling

  • ROI + Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

Advertising Agency

Creating deeply personal connections and driving relevant customer engagements throughout their journey are the key objectives of advertising agencies. Advancements in technology and automation can enable a new level of data-driven insights and personalization than ever before, allowing creative agencies new capabilities to humanize brands and influence purchasing behaviour. The right partner can provide best-in-class solutions in this rapidly evolving ecosystem, proving agencies with more provide more targeted, seamless, and impactful programs than ever before. In short, happier customers and healthier revenue for your business.

The help we provide to advertising agencies is as follows:

  • Consulting, Strategy, and a reliable delivery on a pre-project or pre-customer basis.
  • Seamless extensions of in-house creative and technology teams.

  • Developing new programs and services to improve the customer experience.

Our turnkey offerings include:

Front End and Back End

KORCOMPTENZ is a US-based Technology Company headquartered in New Jersey, with extensive experience improving business outcomes for our customers. We specialize in Web Marketing Solutions and help companies achieve their Digital Transformation goals. Please contact us to get a 1 – day assessment on how we can help you build a digital presence with our service offerings.

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