Posted on February 5, 2019

5 reasons to convince your boss to invest in Salesforce in 2019

Salesforce for Customer ReportReaping profits from a business, whether big or small, is a continuous journey. You don’t achieve it in one day nor do you stop investing time and effort after your first wins. Businesses worldwide have shown that true success is about more than leaders making the right choices. Every employee must make an honest contribution to help decision makers move the organization forward.

With this in mind, we wanted to take a closer look at one business tool to convince your boss to invest in this year – the Salesforce CRM. For any business, customers are a focal point. If you care about their positive experiences, here are 5 reasons your boss should invest in Salesforce in 2019:

Intelligent Automation

Salesforce for Intelligent AutomationIf you thought that only big players with billions of dollars in revenue can invest in automation technology, you’re mistaken. Salesforce brings the power of automation to almost every customer relations business process, from identifying the right prospect to nurturing leads, closing deals, extending amazing support to existing customers, and so on.

Your customer facing workforce gets access to world class insights and Salesforce’s flexible SaaS model means you only have to pay for what you use. Salesforce also goes one step ahead of other leading CRM players by bringing the power of AI to mainstream business processes. Today Salesforce’s Einstein services enable thousands of businesses like yours to discover the most value driven customer insights to help create automated customer response ecosystems.

Ease of Customization

While most businesses can achieve amazing customer success stories with standard configurations, Salesforce can be customized easily to support the most diverse requirements. The right implementation partner can customize every offering and screen to match your businesses unique demands and cater to the most challenging global customer bases. This flexibility is what helped transition Salesforce from a simple cloud based CRM solution into the world’s most desired enterprise customer relationship platform in a short span of time.

Intelligent Sales Operations

Salesforce for Intelligent Sales OperationsYour organization may have a pretty large sales team, but still lack a comprehensive management platform to drive the most value out of your sales operations. This is a huge gap that Salesforce can fill with its intelligent services. From empowering sales teams with better customer data and insights to measuring performances and resource allocation for sales, Salesforce can create an intelligent sales network that can add tremendous value for your businesses lead pipeline and also help in converting these leads into deals at the right time for better profits. Salesforce provides insights into account management thereby helping sales people to focus on driving more revenue from high value accounts, nurture cold deals into hot ones, and help follow up on prospects autonomously.

Continuous Innovation

Every year, you can see hundreds of industry benchmarking organizations like Gartner, Forbes, etc. name Salesforce as a leader in the CRM market. These accolades are bestowed upon them not just because they have a great product, but also because Salesforce is one of the most innovative companies in the tech world. They have a culture of experimenting with the biggest technology advances in the early stages and successfully launching them into mainstream offerings to create unprecedented value for all stakeholders. Examples include Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, etc. When your business invests in Salesforce, you are automatically bringing on-board these revolutionary technologies to the forefront of your customer operations. This will dramatically help your business outgrow competition in the market and turn into a brand that customers love to engage.

Faster ROI with Quick Implementation

The SaaS enabled CRM ecosystem of Salesforce lets you deploy a powerful CRM system for your customer team in a shorter time span when compared to large enterprise standalone CRM systems. It also allows for easy scalability when your team grows and helps in controlling costs for software significantly. Therefore, as your results are realized through better lead nurturing and more closed deals, your investments can be considerably lower than you expected.

Thanks the backing of a robust support community, any roadblocks your business may face while implementing Salesforce can easily be handled without affecting deployment dates. This is extremely important when pitching a solution to the leaders of your organization: They are definitely going to need to know when to expect returns and how much they have to spend to see visible traction in the sales process.

Today 83% of all Fortune organizations trust Salesforce to power their customer relations and on an average a Salesforce powered business sees a 35% increase in customer satisfaction levels when compared to the rest. This is why we would recommend Salesforce to any growing business that wishes to get to the next level in 2019 for customer acquisition and relationship management.

The 5 reasons explained above should quickly convince your boss to invest in Salesforce, but if you need more insights, we will be happy to help. At Korcomptenz , our consultants specialize in empowering businesses to drive value from their Salesforce investments. Talk to us to learn more about how we can help your company improve business results with Salesforce.

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