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Amazon Web Services or AWS is an all-encompassing and widely accepted cloud platform worldwide, providing more than 200 full range of services from data centers all around the globe. Millions of businesses including startups, giant corporations, as well as major government agencies are leveraging AWS cloud managed services to minimize expenses, be agile and secure, and transform quickly.

AWS cloud is the most extensive, safe, agile, and consistent platform that offers businesses with the infrastructure at an optimal cost anywhere, anytime. Customers from every sector and size are choosing AWS for cloud consulting, migration, and implementation. We at Korcomptenz can help you make your cloud adoption journey seamless while leveraging the benefits that AWS offers.

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The AWS cloud advantage

Why choose Korcomptenz?

Korcomptenz brings to the table profound strategic and technical skills for every AWS project. We believe in total technology transformation with many years of experience in developing, strategizing, and using AWS cloud environments successfully in companies functioning in diverse and highly controlled industries.

With our deep industry experience and expertise, your AWS applications and services remain steady with improved costs. You will stay at the forefront of innovative, technological advancements. We will help you to leverage the scalability and capability of AWS while our seasoned cloud experts focus on you, from delivery to the complete lifecycle.

As an AWS consulting partner, Korcomptenz will assist you in:

The Korcomptenz value proposition

Helping our clients achieve more and remain competitive with a connected, secured, and scalable environment that has minimum complexities, zero security compromises, is disaster-proof, high availability, and low downtime. KOR-enterprise cloud adoption consultancy and advisory specializing in building, running and managing your current inelastic infrastructure, software, and applications in a hybrid environment that includes multiple clouds, on-premises, and the edge. We have empowered our clients to attain a multi-layered grasp of their day-to-day operations turning your IT cost-center into a powerful tool to accelerate business model change, optimize ROI, and lower TCO.

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Azure vs AWS

Azure vs AWS

Azure and AWS are among the most popular cloud platforms in the market today. Traditionally, organizations use their infrastructure, having their web server or other hardware that they would have to buy and maintain themselves.

FAQs on AWS Cloud Managed Services

AWS managed services are here to make your journey easier, more secure, and accelerate your cloud journey on AWS. Such services are useful to organizations that need help in moving their applications and data to the AWS cloud, increasing business productivity, and securing inter-system connections.

AWS cloud management services enable organizations to drive and control their AWS cloud solutions, assess costs, and monitor performance and security. These services are important for realizing the maximum potential of cloud solutions and thus achieving organizational goals.

AWS cloud migration services assist companies in transitioning different applications, information and infrastructures to AWS cloud. They also make sure that resources are minimally disrupted, effectively migrated, and optimally allocated. This can be achieved to the effect that benefits of cloud computing can be tapped by businesses.

AWS cloud implementation services help companies and organizations to draw up and apply AWS cloud solutions effectively and optimally. These services facilitate the implementation process as well as the performance and compliance with organizational objectives.

AWS cloud consulting services offer businesses selections from advice to experienced notions to overcome challenges regarding cloud computing. From advisory on how to use AWS to strategy formulation on how best to use AWS, these cloud consulting services assist businesses to meet their goals efficiently.

AWS data migration services are a way of helping businesses transfer their data to the AWS cloud securely and easily. Be it moving databases, data warehouses, or even other forms of data repositories, it does not matter. These services help achieve data migration in the shortest time possible while reducing disruption of operations.

AWS managed services give the corporations experienced support engineers and qualified AWS professionals who get back towards the customers’ needs round the clock. This leads to perpetual supervision of events, active control of contingencies, and quick remediation for improved security and performance of the cloud.

AWS cloud governance helps businesses optimize cost efficiency by evaluating and right-sizing cloud resources, implementing cloud governance policies, and managing workloads proactively. This ensures compliance, cost optimization, and efficient resource utilization.

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