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Korcomptenz - Salesforce

Accelerate Your Sales, Service, and Marketing with the Industry Leading Salesforce Cloud

Salesforce has been recognized leader in sales, service, and marketing technology since the company was founded in 1998. The platform dominates the industry by combining powerful features, ease-of-use, scalability, and continual improvements with a straight-forward, transparent, fair pricing model and an entirely cloud-based architecture.

The Salesforce platform includes core applications for Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, and Community with supporting technologies like Salesforce Einstein, their AI and reporting platform, and Heroku and Lightning, both custom development platforms. The combination allows you to choose which services you need, add on additional services as your business grows, and customize and extend the platform in innovative and exciting ways to meet your unique business needs.

Salesforce registered consulting partner

What does Salesforce help business leaders achieve?

Accelerate Sales

  • Close more deals
  • Grow your revenue
  • Improve sales visibility
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with customers and prospects


  • Personalized customer support
  • True omnichannel customer service
  • A “single pane of glass” for all customer interactions


  • Streamline workflows and ensure compliance
  • Process sales and provide self-service features
  • Empower employees to know their customers and your business

Key Benefits

The Salesforce cloud gives you the power to drive innovation, productivity, and performance across almost every aspect of your business.

Engaging Customers + Prospects

Offer best-in-class experiences to retain existing customers and acquire new ones

Empowering Employees

Increase productivity, job satisfaction, and create an accountable, data-driven culture

Optimizing Operations

Streamline, digitize, and reimagine how you work

Transform Your Business

Revolutionize, extend, and customize to achieve results beyond your expectations


Proven Delivery Processes for Production + Sandbox Development + Support

KORCOMPTENZ has a proven track record of delivering rapid, cost-effective, high quality implementations and integrations on Salesforce for single and multisite international enterprises using an agile methodology. We can support the entire ecosystem, helping you engage your customers and prospects, enable your business, and accelerate your results on Salesforce.

High Quality Salesforce Implementations and Integrations

Why Salesforce?

Why Salesforce? - Best-in-Class


Why Salesforce? - Industry Leader

Industry Leader

Why Salesforce? - Easy to Use and  Deploy

Easy to Use + Deploy

Why Salesforce? - Powerful and Flexible

Powerful + Flexible

Why Salesforce? - Affordable and Achievable

Affordable + Achievable

Why Salesforce? - Customizable and Scalable

Customizable + Scalable

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