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Today’s sales landscape has changed. There’s more information, more people, and more choices in this always on, mobile-centric world. As a result, today’s buying process is more complicated than ever, with buyers who are more informed, independent, savvy, and highly influential. With access to so much information early in the buying process, buyers are waiting longer before contacting a seller. By the time a potential customer talks to a salesperson, they are already 57% of the way through the buying process.

What’s more, customers have already defined their needs, researched solutions, settled requirements, and are starting to benchmark price. So, by the time the customer reaches out, the only thing left for the seller to compete on is price. What’s clear is that the sophisticated and more demanding customers of today expect to be engaged in new ways. But for many sales organizations, it’s not clear how they should respond and how salespeople will find the time to engage in meaningful ways. Salespeople are already under tremendous pressure as well. Their jobs are highly complex, with internal demands consuming 67% of their time, leaving them with little for selling. Salespeople have so many non-selling demands placed on them that they multi-task constantly just to keep up. But every time they switch tasks, they don’t get more done. Instead they end up losing 40% of their productivity. When you add up all the lost productivity, it’s no wonder salespeople only spend 1/3 of their time doing what’s most important – selling.

CRM for Sales and Service

The Power of Relationship Selling

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What’s On The Minds Of Business Leaders?

VP Sales/Management

  • How is your organization extracting value from the relationship data you already have and the data you are generating in real time?

Sales Operations

  • How much time are sellers spending on routine, repetitive tasks?

Influencing roles: CMO, CFO, CIO

  • Are you generating insights that will guide your business? Are you controlling your costs and maximizing your ROI?
Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise
Digital Transformation in Sales

For sales organizations, customer engagement is about more than touchpoints it’s about everything that happens in between personal and digital …

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Dynamics 365 for Sales Implementation
Sell Effectively with Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales Hub is the premier selling solution, combining powerful sales tools and insight-generating reporting.

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Why Dynamics 365 For Sales

Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Purpose – built
    Role based solutions built to deliver customer engagement

  • Intelligent
    Built-in intelligence to productively guide to optimal outcomes

  • Productive
    Familiar tools in the context of your sales processes

  • Adaptable
    Grow, evolve and transform with modern, extensible platform

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales

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