Posted on May 9, 2019

The fully integrated solution wealth managers need to know about to grow their portfolios

Salesforce, a leading CRM platform, offers a fully integrated wealth management solution that makes it easier for companies to manage multiple clients and households, keep track of financial goals and significant life events, and deliver personalized advice that will earn lasting customer loyalty. Part of Salesforce for Financial Services, the suite of tools was developed based on feedback from wealth management advisors to meet the needs of this important financial services segment.

Salesforce’s overarching goal was to give financial advisors time to focus on what they do best: Serving their clients’ financial needs and growing relationships.

The new Financial Services Cloud is a reimagination of Salesforce’s leading CRM platform for wealth management, leveraging Salesforce solutions like Pardot – which alerts your team when a prospect opens an email or hits your website so you can react immediately with a personalized message – to better market to clients. The Financial Services Cloud is also integrated with leading wealth management technology partners via AppExchange, which allows you to uncover a single view of the client with all relevant data in one place.

Salesforce for Wealth Management Datasheet

Salesforce’s Grow Client Relationships solution gives advisors unprecedented views of each client, while unlocking a network of new growth opportunities in such areas as personal goals, life events, relationship networks, and financial accounts. According to a Salesforce Financial Services Customer Survey, 41% reported an increase in client satisfaction, 37% an increase in advisor productivity, and 36% faster integration.

The Salesforce for Wealth Management Solution is part of a larger suite of tools for Financial Services organization. The overall suite includes an out-of-the-box data model to manage common financial objects like assets, liabilities, and life goals, and is supported by three releases per year to remain current. Key features of the Financial Services Cloud include:

  • Client relationship personalization at scale with client and household profiles, household opportunity rollups, relationship builders and visual relationship maps

  • Tools to increase advisor productivity with proactive engagement cards, client dashboards, and in-context collaboration

  • Smarter and faster decision-making processes including measurable advice, persona-based analytics, actionable client insights, and marketing automation powered by Pardot

Wealth management advisors are also provided AI-enabled assistance thanks to Financial Services Cloud Einstein. This revolutionary technology automatically discovers relevant client insights, predicts future outcomes, recommends next steps, and even automates advisor tasks.

With the power of Salesforce driving wealth management solutions, Korcomptenz can help your company revolutionize the way it manages customer relationships for optimal success. Salesforce software is in the cloud and is designed to continually meet your industry needs, increase productivity, and boost your bottom line.  Korcomptenz is proud to be a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner.  Learn how Salesforce can help your business grow and how Korcomptenz can guide you on this wealth management journey. Request a consultation today!

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