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Posted on July 20, 2020

Why Dynamics 365 Sales?

With the change in customer expectations, the very nature of Sales is changing. Customers are beginning to expect more personalized experiences. In response to this expectation technology has stepped up to fill the gap in the knowledge of customer preferences and habits and helps facilitate better services and better experiences for the customer. Dynamics 365 Sales is one of the answers to this need for knowledge on customer preference. Dynamics 365 Sales is of two types: Dynamics 365 Sales Professional and Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise. In this blog we will be focusing on Dynamics 365 Sales Professional.

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional is a CRM software that is meant to be a more compact version of Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise. Dynamics 365 has a lot of benefits but not everyone can afford the full enterprise suite, and, in many cases, they have no need for all the functionality present in the Enterprise Suite. In such a scenario Dynamics 365 Sales Professional is best. It allows them to focus only on the Sales features of Dynamics 365 without paying for the other features which they might not require.

The capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales Professional include:

  • Engagement: Sales Professional allows users to identify the key stakeholders and personalize the interaction with the customers.

  • Productivity: Collaborate with colleagues and customers and work on the go even without connectivity.
    Dynamic 365 Sales professional creates winning Sales proposals and access relevant documents.

  • Performance: Gain real-time insights and reports and make informed decisions with current data.

  • Setup: Sales Professional can be set up and be up and running in a few hours. With existing Office settings, the setup can be accelerated allowing you to get it ready for use immediately without a long waiting time.

  • Customization: They are a lot of pre-configured tools ready for use as soon as you finish setting up. No need to waste time configuring the tools for your use. You can also save time with a single configuration process that supports multiple platforms.

Sales Professional vs Sales Enterprise:

As stated earlier, Sales Professional has lesser functionality than the Enterprise Suite with a primary focus on the core sales functionalities and at a much lesser price. A more detailed comparison of their features can be seen below:

Features Sales Professional Sales Enterprise
User licenses No maximum or minimum license restriction. No maximum or minimum license restriction.
Access to Sales entities: Includes Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Campaigns, Products, Price Lists, Quotes, Orders and Dashboards Present Present
Access to Outlook, Teams, Excel, and Power BI. Yes Yes
Custom Entities 15 Unlimited
Customization Entitlements: Guided process flows 5 Unlimited
Customization Entitlements: Forms and views 2/entity Unlimited
Customization Entitlements: System Charts and Dashboards 5 Unlimited
Customization Entitlements: Queues 15 Unlimited
Sales Goals Not Available Available
Territory Management Not Available Available
Marketing Lists Not Available Available
Marketing Campaigns Not Available Available
Quick Campaigns Not Available Available
Hierarchies Not Available Available
Forecasting Not Available Available
Product Families & Relationships Not Available Available
Competitor tracking Not Available Available
Sales Playbook Not Available Available
Knowledgebase Not Available Available
Gamification Not Available Available
Cloud Storage Default entitlements. Additional per user capacity entitlement not applicable. Along with default, additional entitlement includes Common Data Service Database Capacity: 250MB per user license and Common Data Service File Capacity: 2GB per user license
Power Apps: Access to run custom applications or access custom portals. Not Available Unlimited access.

Comparison with Competitors:

With the above table we can see the comparison between the two Sales offerings of Microsoft. What it doesn’t show though is the difference between Sales Professional and its competitors based on a few simple criteria. The five competitors we are going to look at are Zendesk Sell, Sugar Sell, Zoho CRM, HubSpot.

Features Dynamics 365 Sales Professional Zendesk Sell Professional Sugar Professional HubSpot Sales Professional Zoho CRM
Pricing Nominal Nominal Nominal Expensive Nominal
Company Size Small to Mid- size Small business Small to Mid – size Small business to Mid-size. Mid- Market
User limits No user limit No user limit 10 users minimum No user limit, includes 5 paid users 10 users minimum
File Storage 10 GB 5 GB/user 15 GB 250 MB / user 5 GB minimum. Additional storage upto 100 GB can be bought.
User friendliness User Friendly Very user friendly User friendly Very User friendly Easy
Ease of Setup Very Easy Very Easy Easy Very Easy Easy
Integrations Integrates well with all the Office Products. Has good email integration and integrates well with Mail Chimp. Integrates well with Outlook and other emails and integrates well with E-Commerce Platforms. It integrates very well with other platforms such as Salesforce. Zoho integrates very well with a lot of Apps such as Office 365, Mailchimp, Shopify, Facebook ads, and more.

Pricing: Professional vs Enterprise

One of the reasons why many small companies choose Dynamics 365 Sales Professional is due to its lesser price compared to Dynamics 365 Enterprise. The prices of both are as follows: Sales Professional is $65/user/month and Sales Enterprise is $95/user/month.

The reason for the lesser price being as mentioned in the above comparison between the two the Sales Professional focus mainly on the Sales components, while enterprise on the other hand, encompasses Marketing components as well as Sales, with Marketing Lists and Marketing Campaigns being available for the use of the user. In case the user wants to make use of the Marketing campaigns functionality without having to migrate to enterprise they can make use of a Marketing Automation Software integration.

Marketing Automation Software Integrations:

One of the features seen in competitive products is the ease offered by them in integrating their CRM solutions with an email marketing tool such as Mail Chimp and Zoho Campaigns which allows the user to send many emails to a much larger audience ensuring a greater Marketing outreach. Some of the email marketing tools which can be integrated or synced with Dynamics 365 Sales Professional are as follows:

In the below table we can see the pros and cons of each of the above tools when used along with Dynamics 365 Sales after integration.

Email Marketing Integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
Click Dimensions Sales Fusion HubSpot Microsoft Dynamics for Marketing Mautic Mail Chimp
Pros It is directly embedded in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Has useful features such as forms, lead scoring, and duplicate detection.

Updates happen in real-time.

It integrates easily with all supported versions of Dynamics.

All out of the box integrations are native integrations.

All the marketing data gathered are housed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 database.

HubSpot has great scalability so it can scale up and down easily.

Many providers offer integration, go greater choice is there.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing also has E-Mail Marketing tools and provides features such as multi-channel campaigns, event, and webinar management, lead tracking, scoring, and nurturing, and data visualization tools.

As a part of the Dynamics 365 Portfolio it can be easily integrated with Dynamics Sales.

Mautic has introduced a plugin which makes integrating with Dynamics 365 Sales easier.

It offers a two-way data integration, reduces data error and change in one is mirrored in other.

Mautic offers an open marketing cloud that enables companies to connect all their digital properties and channels into a seamless customer experience.

Mailchimp is mostly known as email programs and is used by companies that don’t have extensive marketing needs.
Cons Expensive Expensive and has a low email limit. Does not sync in real time.

Its marketing automation has a free version with limited features, and the paid version is cheap but can be very expensive in long term.

Expensive It is expensive but much cheaper and more efficient compared to some other automation tools.

Configuring mails is difficult.

Integrations by third-party vendors, not native.

It is expensive.

From the above comparison, we can see that while all the above-mentioned software has good features which will help with increasing our marketing outreach price becomes the biggest differentiator. Dynamics 365 Sales Professional is used by small to mid-sized companies who can’t afford many of the above Marketing Automation software. What’s more in many cases they won’t require many of the advanced features offered by the above.

Thus, in terms of price HubSpot and Mautic come out on top. Between the two Mautic is better as it has a better sync system with its two – way data integration and what’s more its price for its offerings does not increase a lot from the base price. In the case of HubSpot the price increases the more features you require even though the base price is lowest at $50. As you scale up, the cost too will continue increasing bit by bit, and you will be required to pay additional costs for the add – ons. Thus, Mautic is the best integration for increasing Marketing Outreach.

Upgrade from Dynamics 365 Sales Professional to Dynamics 365 Enterprise:

As seen earlier, Sales Professional offers only the core sales functionalities. As your company grows there might come a time when the functionalities provided by Sales Professional are no longer enough. In such a scenario upgrading from Sales Professional to Enterprise will be the best choice. To Upgrade from Dynamics 365 Sales Professional to Enterprise the steps given below must be followed:

  • Purchase a Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise subscription
  • Assign Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise licenses to the users
  • Install the Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise edition solution
  • Delete the Dynamics 365 Sales Professional solution

For further help with leveraging Dynamics 365 Sales Professional to its full capability, get the help of a Microsoft service Provider like Korcomptenz. We will be happy to help, and we will keep you updated with more such insights and blogs for your reference.

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