Posted on August 21, 2019

How will automation benefit me and my company?

These days it seems like a lot of people are talking about automation, using technology instead of a person to do this or that. In principle, it makes sense to you: Computers can do things faster and more accurately than a regular person, but in practice you know life is a lot more complicated.

What’s it going to cost? How much is it really going to help? Will I truly see a return on investment, or will I end up paying for something that only has a nominal benefit?

These are all valid questions and it’s good to be skeptical. The truth is that automation may not be right for every process, and time spent failing to automate a process is time and money wasted. At the same time, pursuing automation has several clear, indisputable benefits such as:

Happier employees

  • Improved accuracy: Computers simply don’t make mistakes when performing repetitive tasks and you can virtually eliminate transcription errors, typos, and related data integrity problems.

  • Maximum performance: We said it at the start of this message, but computers are fast and robotic process automation software performs tasks many times faster than a human, flipping through screens and copying data so fast you can barely see it.

  • Effortless compliance: Computers also track every key stroke and never forget, enabling you to know exactly what is happening all the time, and, if an issue does occur, exactly when, where, and how it happened.

  • Lower costs: Computers are much cheaper over time than using valuable human resources to perform rote tasks, especially as the number of tasks increases with your growth. You can increase capacity and economies of scale within or organization while lowering your per task cost.
  • Happier employees: It might sound counter intuitive in a world where we worry about computers taking over our jobs, but the truth is that people don’t really like repetitive, tedious tasks. They prefer to spend their time on critical thinking and problem solving, automation frees them up to do exactly that.

What about return on investment? We mentioned that up front, but it didn’t make the list of benefits. That’s only because we want to be honest and transparent: The return on investment you realize will vary based on which tasks you automate, how much you’re paying your employees for these tasks, and the volume of these tasks.

The industry has a whole report approximately 300% return on investment in the first year, but we want to make sure we get it right. That’s why our automation programs begin with an analysis of what the tasks are costing you now and exactly what benefit you will receive once they’re automated.

Korcomptenz strives to be a proven partner that can really help. We’ve got a strategic approach that’s right for you. One that will maximize your return on investment and free up valuable resources for more critical thinking and problem-solving tasks, improving customer service and growing your revenue.

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