Complimentary Consultation and Assessment

Discover the right ERP solution for your enterprise needs

Implementing a modern ERP solution is a significant decision. Every detail of the implementation is crucial to validate the investment of time and money in the project. We’ve seen that even partnering with top implementation teams leads to overlooking crucial project aspects, resulting in delays, budget overruns, and occasional implementation failures. 

That is why we offer businesses like yours an opportunity to get it right the first time. As an experienced solutions partner with SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft, we can help you select the right ERP solution that’s best suited to your needs. We’ll tailor the session to your industry, discuss key components, customizations, integrations, and more.  

F&O ERP Assessment

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    We understand the multitude of aspects to consider:

    What customizations will you need?
    Will you be forced to adapt your business processes to fit the solution? 
    How will the new solution integrate with your existing applications?
    What licensing structure will you need?
    How much will the implementation cost and how long will it take?