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Salesforce Integration + Customization

  • A seamlessly functioning organization needs their data and important business information to flow seamlessly between systems, avoid duplications, corruptions, and other errors. How your Salesforce implementation connects with other systems and manages your data is an essential part of every successful deployment. KORCOMPTENZ specializes in establishing secure connections, deploying important customizations to maximize your usage, and safeguarding the business data that drives your operations.

  • Understanding the Broader Systems + Data Landscape

  • KORCOMPTENZ’s unique combination of broad business knowledge and full-stack technology expertise gives us unique insight into the lifecycle of business information in your organization, making us the partner of choice for integration, customization, and ongoing data management. We allow you to focus on critical Salesforce functionality at the core of your business while enabling seamless information sharing across other systems in your enterprise.

Salesforce: Differentiating Korcomptenz from other vendors in the market

What can Korcomptenz help you achieve by integrating Salesforce with other applications?

Consolidate Customer Data into a “Single Pane of Glass”
  • Empower your sales, service, marketing, and other employees with complete, concise, and accurate information on your customers and prospects
  • Know your customers better and improve your conversion and retention rates
  • Improve the customer experience by delivering personalized engagement and powerful self-service tools based on their unique needs and profiles
Improve the Accuracy of Your Data
  • Reduce data duplication and corruption by validating your Salesforce data against your other systems
  • Ensure all customers and prospects are captured properly in Salesforce and that all leads are properly addressed
  • Visualize data more completely with interactive dashboards and reports that generate actionable information
Leverage Powerful Salesforce Features and Apps for Integration
  • Learn how to use built-in Salesforce tools including the Data Loader, API, and Bulk API to successfully and accurately integrate data
  • Deploy premium Salesforce tools such as and MuleSoft for complex integrations and bi-directional connectivity
  • Extend Salesforce with apps from the AppExchange to integrate with Outlook, DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and other premium providers
4 ways to build meaningful customer relationships

Today, the saying “Customer is King” needs a slight makeover to serve as one of the core philosophies driving your business. The correct phrase should be the “Customer Relationship is King”.

Salesforce Best Practices

Salesforce is an essential business tool. There’s a good chance the industry leading CRM and supporting applications power critical functions in your organization from sales and marketing to service and beyond …

Proven Development + Support Methodologies

KORCOMPTENZ leverages proven methodologies, refined across thousands of engagements and hundreds of customers. The Salesforce ecosystem can be complex, but we can help you navigate development and delivery teams (and your source code) for seamless results.

Sample Integrations

Salesforce’s powerful, full-featured API offers almost endless possibilities to integrate systems and data across your enterprise. A few critical use-cases include:

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