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Salesforce Integration + Customization

Salesforce Integration + Customization

Korcomptenz - Salesforce - Salesforce Integration + Customization

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration + Customization

Ensuring Your Salesforce Implementation and Services Play Well Others
KORCOMPTENZ can help make critical connections between Salesforce other systems

A seamlessly functioning organization needs their data and important business information to flow seamlessly between systems, avoid duplications, corruptions, and other errors. How your Salesforce implementation connects with other systems and manages your data is an essential part of every successful deployment. KORCOMPTENZ specializes in establishing secure connections, deploying important customizations to maximize your usage, and safeguarding the business data that drives your operations.

Understanding the Broader Systems + Data Landscape

KORCOMPTENZ’s unique combination of broad business knowledge and full-stack technology expertise gives us unique insight into the lifecycle of business information in your organization, making us the partner of choice for integration, customization, and ongoing data management. We allow you to focus on critical Salesforce functionality at the core of your business while enabling seamless information sharing across other systems in your enterprise.

Sample Integrations

Salesforce’s powerful, full-featured API offers almost endless possibilities to integrate systems and data across your enterprise. A few critical use-cases include:

Conversion Forms

Online Service Requests

Online Advertising Initiatives

Interactive Voice Response Systems

Ecommerce Data

Mobile App User Information

Custom Databases

Separation of Concerns Philosophy + Master Data Management

KORCOMPTENZ has developed a unique philosophy and a proven process for managing data that can streamline your integration initiatives and preserve integrity of time.

Separation of Concerns

  • Integrate data and functionality based on the understanding that different systems perform different tasks in an organization and that every enterprise has a unique usage profile.

Master Data Management

  • Identify the single sources of truth for each data point, and ensure the integrity of those sources with aggressive master data management including removal of duplicates.

Limitless Customizations

Integration options aren’t the only thing that’s virtually limitless in Salesforce. So are your options to customize around an organizations unique needs, and KORCOMPTENZ can help you achieve your goals with targeted services to develop specific functionality that accelerates your business.




Data Structures

Proven Development + Support Methodologies

KORCOMPTENZ leverages proven methodologies, refined across thousands of engagements and hundreds of customers. The Salesforce ecosystem can be complex, but we can help you navigate development and delivery teams (and your source code) for seamless results.

Proven Development

Supporting Services

KORCOMPTENZ services don’t stop with Salesforce. We offer a full range of world-class digital transformation solutions across your full stack and complete technology ecosystem.


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