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Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce Consulting Services

Korcomptenz - Salesforce - Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce Consulting Services

Your Salesforce Implementation Is Bigger Than Salesforce
Make sure all the pieces fit with KORCOMPTENZ’s full stack, complete ecosystem expertise

Your technology ecosystem is complex, and you need a Salesforce partner that knows how to navigate an ever-changing landscape. KORCOMPTENZ’s unique combination of Salesforce and overall technical expertise allows us to see beyond your immediate needs and help achieve your short and long-term digital transformation vision. We specialize in Salesforce consulting services that generate measurable results, offering extensive knowledge of marketing technology and business management to take you further down your organization’s road map.

Salesforce Consulting

KORCOMPTENZ solves business challenges, improves performance, and helps you acquire more customers across Salesforce and your broader technology ecosystem.


KORCOMPTENZ Can Help Achieve Your Goals

Whether you are implementing Salesforce for the first time or planning a major enhancement, KORCOMPTENZ is driven by your goals. We provide a range of proprietary tools, experienced, skilled facilitators and a human-centered approach to solution design to achieve your objectives and solve your business challenges.


Solve Business + Technical Challenges

Drive Digital Transformation + Adoption

Convert More Leads + Acquire New Customers

Improve Performance, Accuracy + Security

Save Money + Improve ROI

Turnkey Services We Provide

Implementation Planning

New Implementations

Upgrades + Enhancements

Data + Process Management + Governance

Performance + Security Assessments

Outcomes + Agile Methodology

KORCOMPTENZ utilizes an agile methodology that focuses on positive outcomes and leverages a human-centered approach to solution design that balances both quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Immersion in business needs and expected outcomes

Ideation and imagination around achieving goals

Implementation based on the optimal ideas and opportunities

Salesforce is innovative, and your partner and process need to keep pace. That’s why KORCOMPTENZ has developed a proprietary Agile Methodology to get you started quickly and cost effectively while generating real results.

Salesforce Consulting

KORCOMPTENZ’s proprietary Agile Methodology was featured at
DigiMarcon East 2018, the world’s largest digital marketing conference series.
Ask us how you can benefit from our unique approach.

Deep Dive Into Decision Drivers

KORCOMPTENZ’s consultation services include a deep dive into the unique decision drivers for your organization. We look beyond the basics like cost to understand the underlying factors that will result in a successful implementation or other project.

Use Cases

User Base

Functional Priorities

Technology Stack

Existing Applications



Long Terms Needs

Total Cost of Ownership

Supporting Services

KORCOMPTENZ services don’t stop with Salesforce. We offer a full range of world-class digital transformation solutions across your full stack and complete technology ecosystem.


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