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Salesforce Integration + Customization

Your technology ecosystem is complex, and you need a Salesforce partner that knows how to navigate an ever-changing landscape. KORCOMPTENZ’s unique combination of Salesforce and overall technical expertise allows us to see beyond your immediate needs and help achieve your short and long-term digital transformation vision. We specialize in Salesforce consulting services that generate measurable results, offering extensive knowledge of marketing technology and business management to take you further down your organization’s road map.

Salesforce consulting services

Understanding Salesforce Licensing

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What Can Korcomptenz Help You Achieve On Salesforce?

Develop Outcome Oriented Strategies
and maximize your ROI

  • Maximize your return on investment on Salesforce with best-in-class recommendations to improve your usage of the platform and generate more results
  • Extend your usage of Salesforce to new team members, customers, and vendors with features designed to increase sales, improve customer experience, and reduce costs

Implement, Customize, and Integrate
Salesforce with Other Applications

  • Implement Salesforce quickly and effectively using a proven process that combines strategic thinking and technical acumen
  • Customize Salesforce to meet your unique business needs and generate better results with automation, self-service tools, and other strategies
  • Integrate Salesforce with other applications in your technology stack and improve data accuracy with a consolidated view of the customer

Improve your Salesforce Support, Clean Up
Your Data, and Generate New Insights

  • Enhance your additional support with flexible engagement models that ensure the right resources are available when you need them
  • De-duplicate, refresh, and clean your data to improve accuracy, reduce redundancy, and ensure you are capturing the right information on your leads and customers
  • Generate actionable insights with data visualization, dashboards, and reports
salesforce community cloud consultant
Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365, Which is right for you?

A CRM is key tool for prospecting. Not only does it allow you to segment your database for better day to day planning but a CRM is a also a real-time diary to keep notes on your sales activities, marketing campaigns, conversations, follow ups, minutes, and more, all in one place.

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salesforce consulting partner
Improving Customer Service with Salesforce Chat

In today’s highly competitive business environment, brands are continuously striving for the attention of online users. Attention spans have become much shorter, and customers are always on the lookout for a rapid resolution to their queries.

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How Can We Help ?

Deep Dive Into Decision Drivers

KORCOMPTENZ’s consultation services include a deep dive into the unique decision drivers for your organization. We look beyond the basics like cost to understand the underlying factors that will result in a successful implementation or other project.

Use Cases
User Base
Functional Priorities
Technology Stack
Existing Applications
Long Terms Needs
Total Cost of Ownership

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