Upgrade AX 2012 to D365 (Dynamics 365) to accelerate speed to market for finance and operations

With digital transformation becoming a priority, upgrading AX 2012 to a suitable ERP like Dynamics 365 has become a business imperative

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    Upgrade AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain


    For many enterprises, digitization has become the need of the hour. A recent survey from McKinsey suggests “that a company’s foundational technology has never been more important.” Enterprise software is critical to support your evolving business needs, with more and more businesses investing in new technologies to keep up with the competition, businesses that choose to stay on an outdated ERP system might find themselves falling behind.

    Therefore, for businesses that are on Dynamics AX 2009, 2012 R1, R2, R3, RTM, upgrading to D365 F&O (now Finance and Supply Chain) has become the need of the hour.

    Upgrade AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 Finance and Elevate Supply Chain Management Services Today

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      Upgrade AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management - Here’s Why


      Optimize your global business operations with Dynamics 365  (Finance and Supply Chain Management Software) – the comprehensive SaaS ERP solution for flexible, scalable, and agile supply chain management. Leverage the power of AI and machine learning for data-driven financial decision-making and building resilient supply chains.

      Transform your supply chain management and upgrade your AX with D365 F&O, the best-in-class supply chain planning software, to achieve greater efficiency, visibility, and control in your operations.

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      D365 Finance & Supply Chain: Flexible Module Attachments


      Dynamics 365 Finance

      Learn how you can optimize your Financial and Operating Models with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.

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      Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

      Gain Insight on how you can built a resilient supply chain.

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      Dynamics 365 Advanced Warehouse Management

      Transform your inbound and outbound warehouse operations with Dynamics 365 AWM.

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      Dynamics 365 Commerce

      Experience the AI enabled Omnichannel platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.

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      Integration from any CRM to Dynamics 365
      Integrate with any banking system for payments. We offer ACH integrations from Dynamics 365 for banking

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      Change isn’t just on the horizon, it is an existent entity transforming your business and forcing you to accelerate your pace. You need the help of a partner like Korcomptenz with industry expertise and a #FocusOnYou to keep up with this change.

      As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Korcomptenz can help you create impact faster, deliver more value in less time, and quickly adopt solutions or augment existing ones to help your teams accelerate results. Korcomptenz’ s unique methodology can help you save 40% on all your Dynamics 365 projects, while also optimizing your financial and operating models.

      We have also enabled our clients to take a data-first approach, unify their data and collate it with Microsoft AI to deliver insights and actions to create better customer experiences.

      Upgrade AX 2012 to Dynamics 365, Stay ahead of the curve and keep pace with the fast-moving market demands by adopting advanced supply chain management software and supply chain planning software. Upgrade AX to D365  and harness the power of AI including data-driven insights to deliver better customer experiences and drive business growth.

      Upgrade AX 2012 to D365: FAQs

      Certainly, we suggest upgrade AX 2012 to Dynamics 365. As of 2021, Microsoft ceased support for AX 2012, with extended support ending in 2023. Upgrading AX to D365 offers numerous benefits, ensuring Dynamics 365 remains up-to-date and optimized. This shift also grants access to a wide range of useful applications.

      • Enhanced user accessibility
      • Universal UI support across browsers and devices
      • Lower IT maintenance burden with Cloud-based Dynamics 365
      • Automatic updates for seamless modernity
      • Augmented functionality with added features and improved transaction handling from Microsoft
      • Instantaneous Business Intelligence
      • Continuous platform advancements
      • Simple integration with third-party applications

      Transitioning to a cloud ERP system like upgrading to D365 offers numerous advantages:

      Scalability and Flexibility: Upgrade to Dynamics 365 supports your company’s growth without costly IT infrastructure changes. Quick user deployment is effortless.

      Enhanced Security and Reliability: Entrust your sensitive business data to Microsoft’s secure datacenters, ensuring privacy and 99.9 percent uptime.

      Increased Productivity: Free IT resources by eliminating software and hardware management. Focus on strategic planning and crucial tasks, not updates and patches.

      360-Degree Business Insight: Dynamics 365 connects ERP and CRM data for a comprehensive view of your company. Access information from Microsoft 365 and Power BI.

      Empowered by AI: Utilize predictive analytics and AI tools to excel, compete, and succeed with Dynamics 365.

      Certainly, you can download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile app from both the Play Store and Apple Store when you upgrade AX to D365. Simply log in using your Dynamics credentials to access information anytime, anywhere. The app’s key features include:

      • Viewing and editing customer data
      • Managing sales opportunities
      • Tracking customer service issues
      • Utilizing Dynamics 365 for Outlook
      • Planning and overseeing meetings and activities

      The Dynamics 365 mobile app makes your business processes mobile-friendly. Once your IT admin enables mobile workspaces for your enterprise, users can instantly engage in business processes via their mobile devices. Notable productivity-enhancing features of the app include:

      • Seamless access, modification, and action on business data even with occasional or no internet connectivity.
      • Customizable mobile workspaces tailored to your company by IT developers or admins.
      • Enhanced offline capabilities through the Business Logic Extensibility framework, ensuring smooth operation even without continuous internet connectivity.

      When you upgrade AX to D365, there are two primary dashboard types within the system: user dashboards and system dashboards. Additionally, you have the flexibility to create personalized dashboards within your specific work zone, such as Marketing, Service, or Sales.

      Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers Product Insights, an extension of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. This empowers you to analyze customer interactions across your business website, applications, and connected products.

      Let’s delve into key navigation concepts, including:

      • Dashboard
      • Navigation pane
      • Workspaces
      • Tiles
      • Navigation Search

      While the dashboard introduces a novel concept, the navigation pane and workspaces refine existing concepts. Implementing these navigation concepts involves various standard page types within the UI model. To ensure a coherent user experience, it’s essential to adhere to these page rules while developing applications.

      Absolutely, providing training for your team when you upgrade AX to D365 is crucial. While Microsoft Dynamics offers numerous advanced features, it can be a bit complex for users to fully understand. This is why we strongly advise opting for diverse training programs to empower users in mastering Dynamics 365. The benefits of training are extensive and include:

      • Clearly defined team roles
      • Streamlined workflows
      • Increased scalability
      • Reduced support requests
      • Enhanced productivity

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