Key Highlights:

The Fashion & Apparel retail industry is a very fast-paced and time-sensitive industry, making it important that the processes are moved along the product lifecycle in a timely manner. Therefore, having technology solutions that are tailored towards ensuring the on-time delivery of the product from the manufacturer to the consumers is imperative. Gain information on the benefits of Implementing Porini ERP and learn how it can help you achieve overall efficiency through more accurate forecasting, sourcing, procurement, and deliveries control; leading to cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

This webinar addresses the major pain points of the Fashion & Apparel Retail Industry and how Porini with Korcomptenz can help address these challenges with their technology solutions.

  • Product Life Cycle Management – How to manage multiple product lines from conception to delivery

  • Seasons and Collections Management – Manage seasonal products with Porini 365 ERP & minimize off-season costs

  • Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management – Cloud based demand planning, forecasting and replenishment based on predictive tools (AI/ML) and allowing to ensure the right stock amount

  • Financial Planning – Ensuring that each transaction from Customers and Vendors is recorded and tracked

  • Customer Relationship and Loyalty Management in today’s Omni-channel Retail – Engage with your Customers and create exceptional Customer Experiences

  • Data Analytics & CPM – How to add value to your data and take more accurate and effective decisions