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Web + Marketing Technology Strategy

Web + Marketing Technology Strategy

Korcomptenz - Web + Marketing Technology Strategy

Advance Your Customer Experience, Lead Generation, and Acquisition Goals With Data Driven Strategies

An organization's web and marketing technology has become a critical component of their success. 89% of consumer and 94% of business purchasing decisions begin with online research. Making sure these website users have a positive experience that converts visitors into leads and leads into customers requires a unique combination of industry best-practices, digital marketing and technology expertise, and the ability to understand the unique needs of your organization.

That's why organizations turn to KORCOMPTENZ for help developing their strategic approach and their technology architecture. Our extensive knowledge of open source and proprietary systems, full stack technology experience, and a company history rooted in business processes and needs provides us a unique understanding and offers our customers a unique opportunity.

The Lead Generation Engine

KORCOMPTENZ helps organizations transform their website and online marketing presence from static content-driven platforms to active lead generation engines that drive measurable business results. We develop data-driven strategies that go beyond a basic website to include next generation opportunities like engaging interactive content and marketing automation.

User Experience | Web Marketing Services Company

User Experience

  • Visitor Profiling
  • Path Analysis
  • Desktop + Mobile Best Practices
Traffic Generation | Web Marketing Services Company

Traffic Generation

  • SEO Best Practices
  • Search + Social Marketing Opportunities
  • Supporting Strategies
Interactive Content | Web Marketing Services Company

Interactive Content

  • Quizzes + Assessments
  • Videos + Animation
  • Microservices + Interactions
Marketing Automation | Web Marketing Services Company

Marketing Automation

  • Conversion Forms
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Automated Campaigns

Outcomes + Agile Methodology

KORCOMPTENZ utilizes an agile methodology that focuses on positive outcomes and leverages a human-centered approach to solution design that balances both quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Expected Outcomes | Web Marketing Services Company

Immersion in business needs and expected outcomes

Achieving Goals | Web Marketing Services Company

Ideation and imagination around achieving goals

Ideas and Opportunities | Web Marketing Services Company

Implementation based on the optimal ideas and opportunities

CMS, CRM, and Marketing Automation Platform Evaluation + Selection Services

Choose KORCOMPTENZ to help evaluate and select the best option for your organization

We've developed a proprietary evaluation process that identifies the key drivers behind your decision-making process including Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment. We've helped organizations save over 65% on their annual costs.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

KORCOMPTENZ offers comprehensive services across a wide range of applications and systems throughout the technology architecture and strategy process.

Web Marketing Support

Systems We Support

  • CMS
  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • BI
  • ERP
Web Marketing Solution

Solutions We Provide

  • Evaluation, Selection, and Procurement
  • Technology Architecture
  • Application Integration
  • System Requirements + Customizations
  • Implementation + Maintenance Support
Web Marketing Tools

Tools We Use

  • User Assessments
  • Evaluation Scorecard
  • Vendor Profiling
  • ROI + Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

Deep Technology Expertise

KORCOMPTENZ is a full stack, total solution provider with experience in web, marketing, and business technology, including open source and proprietary platforms.

Business Intelligence | Web Marketing Technology Expertise

Business Intelligence

CMS | Web Marketing Technology Expertise

Web Content Management Systems

Marketing Automation | Web Marketing Technology Expertise

Marketing Automation

Customer Relationship Management | Web Marketing Technology Expertise

Customer Relationship Management

Enterprise Resource Planning | Web Marketing Technology Expertise

Enterprise Resource Planning

Data Warehouse | Web Marketing Technology Expertise

Data Warehouse

Deep Dive Into Decision Drivers

KORCOMPTENZ's proprietary approach to evaluation and selection begins with a deep dive into the unique decision drivers for your organization. We look beyond the basics like cost to understand the underlying factors that will result in a successful deployment.

User Case | Web Marketing Technology

Turnkey Supporting Services

Your next generation website journey doesn't end with the strategy. KORCOMPTENZ is here to partner with you from inception to launch.



Learn more about the customer experience and the Agile Customer Journey in our whitepaper.

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