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Upgrade to Kentico 11

Korcomptenz - Kentico - Upgrade to Kentico 11

The Most Cost-Effective All-in-One Solution Demands An Effective, Proven All-in-One Provider

A unique opportunity to improve security and the customer experience

Kentico 11 is here, and, as expected from the Gartner® ranked platform, it is a significant upgrade that includes several must have features in today's connected world. Current users of Kentico under maintenance contract can access the new software for free. New users can take advantage of Kentico's attractive pricing model. Both can benefit from KORCOMPTENZ's Gold Partner status, experienced Kentico developers and proven upgrade process.

Why Kentico 11?

Kentico 11 includes powerful new features that address critical aspects of both the customer experience and back end security. In addition an industry-leading feature set that addresses web content management, customer experience and online marketing, intranet and collaboration tools, and ecommerce, the latest version includes several key enhancements.

Security + Data Protection

Kentico 11 features a new Data Protection App designed to conform with the new General Data Protection Regulations taking effect in Europe. This centralized app allows you to manage subscriber consents, access or even forget customer data, and export security information from a single location.

Re-Imagined Email Marketing

Kentico 11 includes an all-new, easier-to-use email marketing interface with more powerful features. The new email marketing features even allow you create drag-and-drop customer journeys with more insightful reporting than ever before.

Customizable Roles + Permissions

Kentico 11's ecommerce features have been improved to include more advanced discount scenarios, gift card capabilities, and delayed payments. There are also new capabilities to integrate Google's Ecommerce tracking, or even deploy a Ucommerce storefront.

New Integration Points

Kentico 11's features are rounded out with new, out-of-the-box connectors for Salesforce and Marketo, improving your ability to consolidate date and streamline the user experience across other industry leading platforms.

Of course, that's not all. There are numerous other improvements and enhancements throughout the entire application from the search feature to how sites are developed.

Proven Upgrade Process

KORCOMPTENZ is a Kentico Gold Partner with experience across hundreds of projects in a wide variety of industries. We specialize in complex, enterprise sites, and have developed proven processes for both initial deployments and upgrades.


  • Standard Kentico Features
  • Custom Modules + Code
  • Third Party Integrations


  • Upgrade In-Place
  • Migration Based on Destination
  • Adjust Custom Modules
  • Confirm All Third Party Integrations


  • Review all Content + Design Templates
  • Validate All Kentico Features
  • Confirm All Custom Modules + Code
  • Provide Completed Testing




Kentico CMS

Powerful Combination for your Enterprise Website Needs

KORCOMPTENZ is a trusted technology transformation provider and certified Kentico partner with rich experience across web and marketing technology, and a commitment to maximizing your return on investment. Together, KORCOMPTENZ and Kentico are the perfect combination for your enterprise website needs. Request a consultation today for a no-cost estimate.

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