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Time and Material

Access the Right Resources at the Right Time with Time + Materials

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KORCOMPTENZ rich technology expertise and diverse teams ensure your important projects have the support they need

Time and materials is the fastest, easiest, and most-cost effective way to address your technology needs. The process is simple: Identify the type of resource you need and the approximate amount of time you need them, and we will assign a top-notch, experienced resource to complete the task. The time and materials model is ideal for:

Application + Product Support + Maintenance
Augmenting Internal Teams
Business Process Outsourcing
Consulting + Amalysis

How It Works

KORCOMPTENZ experience makes utilizing time and materials resources easy and effective.

Dedicated Teams

Wide Range of Resources Available

KORCOMPTENZ has a wide range of resources available on a time and materials basis.

Important topics of interest

Today, the saying “Customer is King” needs a slight makeover to serve as one of the core philosophies driving your business. The correct phrase should be the “Customer Relationship is King”.
April 04, 2019
A new survey from Gartner provides insight into today’s marketing budgets
March 15, 2019
Rapid changes in content trends, consumer choices, and digital channels have reshaped the creative and advertising industry. Here’s an example: Studies show that nearly 75% of all digital ad spending is driven by mobile advertising, content delivered in tiny snippets with little or no creative.
March 07, 2019
Kentico 12 was officially launched in 2018, and after a full year of learning what the software manufacturer had in store, it was worth the wait.
February 11, 2019
Reaping profits from a business, whether big or small, is a continuous journey. You don’t achieve it in one day nor do you stop investing time and effort after your first wins. Businesses worldwide have shown that true success is about more than leaders making the right choices.
February 05, 2019
E-commerce never stops growing. Over 20 years into the online shopping revolution, year on year growth in the United States remains at 23% and nearly 51% of Americans consider online shopping to be better than physical retail.
December 03, 2018

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Get Started with a Complimentary Consultation

KORCOMPTENZ understands that outsourced development services are a complex decision for your organization, and we offer complimentary consultation services to understand your unique needs and make specific recommendations.

We combine broad business knowledge, deep domain expertise, and a global delivery model to deliver best-in-class technology solutions with superior results and return on investment. Our holistic view of the transformational nature of technology allows us to leverage a wide-variety of platforms and tools to meet specific business challenges across your enterprise including marketing and operational needs.

Integrated service lines across the complete technology stack

Whether you choose KORCOMPTENZ to implement an enterprise resource planning application, develop your new website, manage your email and cloud-infrastructure, or launch a custom mobile application, you can count on our commitment to deliver the very best.