Today’s businesses use a variety of different software to run their sales, marketing, service, accounting, and other operations. The use of different software enables each department in your organization to benefit from functionality designed specifically for their needs, but also creates different silos of information and a fractured view of the customer that can hold your business back.

Systems integration specialists like Korcomptenz can help unify these systems and present a true 360-degree view of the customer that can accelerate your operations and improve your sales and marketing. We are experts at leading software suites and methodologies.

Integration Capabilities

Benefits of Integration

We’ve been integrating systems for over a decade now, and we know how to make them all work together smoothly. This frequently involves interfacing eCommerce and ERP/CRM solutions, Business Intelligence systems, SharePoint, MS Office as well as other finance solutions.
Integrating your different systems and applications with one another offers compelling benefits:

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  • Enormous time savings: Empower customers, colleagues, suppliers and other stakeholders to self-serve, freeing up your time to focus on doing business, not handling queries

  • Increase customer satisfaction: Provide a great experience to your customer through engaged service personnel and a smoothly running system that works

  • Maximize efficiency: Eliminate redundant processes and streamline your operations, reduce duplication and errors

  • Generate growth opportunities: Enabling new services and features through improved system functionality

Korcomptenz Integration Capabilities
Korcomptenz offers a full range of integration capabilities and methodologies. We tailor specific solutions to your needs based on your current technology ecosystem and industry best practices.

Our Process

Korcomptenz’s proven ETL process with validation supports real-time, scheduled, and one-time system integrations using leading technologies across most major platforms.

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Why Korcomptenz?

KORCOMPTENZ offers our markets a different kind of value proposition because we’re different—founded on enterprise, immersed in technology and strategy, and entirely focused on maximizing your results at a lower total cost of ownership than the competition.


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