Maximize Your Ad Revenue + Audience Activation with Turnkey Services Tailored for the Publishing Industry

KORCOMPTENZ combines the industry-specific experience and strategic technology expertise to make your online publications succeed.

Online magazine and newspaper publishing can be challenging. Maximizing your ad revenue, audience activation, and overall monetization requires a unique combination of proven strategies and technical expertise across a wide variety of platforms and disciplines.

Audience Activation

Online Advertising Integration

User Experience + Personalization

Paywalls + Monetization Opportunities

Events + Sponsorships

Mobile Strategies

Truly Turnkey Services to Meet Publishing Needs

KORCOMPTENZ offers publishers turnkey services that are designed to maximize online revenue and monetization while streamlining operations and reducing total cost of ownership.

Customer Portal Online Magazine Design + Development
Customer Portal Content Migration + Management
Customer Portal Audience Activation + Subscriber Management
Customer Portal Personalization + User Experience
Customer Portal Email Marketing + Marketing Automation
Customer Portal E-Commerce + Monetization Strategies

Experience With the Best in the Industry

KORCOMPTENZ has partnered with and implemented some of the highest performing, most advanced technology platforms for publishers.

Proven Activation + Monetization Strategies

KORCOMPTENZ can help you implement a wide variety of proven, best-in-class audience activation and monetization strategies that allow you to generate both more visits and more revenue per visit.

Infinite Scrolling

Flexible Pay Walls

Personalized Content

Email Alerts

Recommended Content

Overlays + Complex Ad Types

Online Subscriptions

Subscriber Passwords

Cost Effective Delivery + Ongoing Management

KORCOMPTENZ's global operations allow publishers to improve their results and their experience interacting with their online magazine provider while saving significant money for both the initial build and the ongoing management. Our proven, agile methodologies and international team members have been shown to decrease costs by up to 65%, and still provide the benefits and experience of interacting with a team based in the United States.

Supporting Services

KORCOMPTENZ is your total technology transformation partner, helping you engage your customers and prospects, enable your business, and accelerate your results.