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Social Media

Social Media

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Accelerate Your Business by Engaging Prospects Where They Gather Online

Social media has become ubiquitous, driving the conversation with trending topics and connecting people in new ways, but where it fits into your marketing plan can be a difficult question to answer. The market remains highly fragmented by age and interest. KORCOMPTENZ can help make sense of this landscape by providing experienced services that begin with understanding and evaluating the behavior of your target audience, and ultimately result in more new and repeat customers. We provide the following solutions to help engage more prospects and convert more leads:

Engagement Intelligence

Engagement measurement and listening services powered by Microsoft Dynamics365 to find your target audiences online by analyzing the behavior on major social platforms and millions of blogs and forums

Professional Staffing Services

Campaign strategy based on your unique Engagement Intelligence to develop messaging, content, and other materials after we've successfully profiled your targets and identified the appropriate platforms

Engagement Intelligence

Design, development, management, and reporting of your campaigns across various channels, from inception through results with supporting graphic design and content services including video and multimedia procurement


KORCOMPTENZ views Social Media as an increasingly valuable part of an integrated digital marketing strategy, and we can help you define your presence and support your organic and paid search needs.

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