Unite Your Enterprise With A Modern Cloud Data Platform

Data is at the center of your business. From traditional warehouses to store and analyze data from enterprise applications to data lakes, the way we store and access data has changed dramatically, but generating insights across an entire company can still be challenging. Even technology specialists can have difficulty syncing different technologies, forcing business leaders to make critical decisions based more on instincts than on data-driven facts.

Snowflake is a truly modern data platform designed to solve these issues—one that’s born in the cloud, delivers the best of modern data warehousing, the best of data lakes, and much more, so organizations can shift their focus from managing infrastructure to managing data, and to getting every insight possible from that data.

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What Can Snowflake Help My Company Achieve?

Better, faster business decisions

Give your business users the deepest possible insights from all your data, with a platform that makes it all look easy

Cost optimized for today’s needs

Minimize costs with near-zero maintenance, pay-by-the-second data solutions that scale instantly to the size you need

Extensible to accommodate upcoming journeys

Eliminate access barriers by standardizing on a cloud data platform that works with many other types of software applications, services, and components

Gain seamless collaboration on mission-critical projects

Enable stakeholders from various business units and departments to share data without moving the data or creating data silos

Monetize your data

Get the most out of your data by creating secure data exchanges and marketplaces without having to create complex interfaces or deploy cumbersome file transfer procedures

Enjoy multilevel security

Safeguard your data with encryption, access control, comprehensive monitoring, alerts, cybersecurity practices, and more—automatically

Key Benefits Of Snowflake

Snowflake is a Modern Cloud Data Platform that offers the following benefits:

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  • Operates across regions and across clouds
    Maintains the same experience across all users and workloads

  • Scales instantly and automatically
    Eliminates all the maintenance activities that an on-prem platform would require and helps optimize performance

  • Synchronizes concurrent workloads, comprising all data types across multiple clouds
    Automatically scales, up or down based on the computing power needed for different data loads. Users only need to Pay for what they use

  • Works with data at its place of residence
    Manage Data from one single service without having to move data from one silo to another and analyze data at its place of storage

  • Modern Cloud Data Platform
    Enables the modern Data Warehouse, augmented Data Lakes, integrated Data Engineering, secure Data Exchange, Agile Data App development and Advanced Data science

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