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Empower Your Stakeholders + Reduce Your Costs With Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud enables you to rapidly deploy personalized experiences for your key stakeholders providing them access to self-service tools, immersive content, interactive features, and more. Salesforce Community Cloud is powered by advanced software that connects employees, partners, and customers into a single productive ecosystem, unlocking potential in your business and reducing costs. Salesforce Community Cloud can be used to deploy best-in-class Customer Portals, Account Portals, Partner Portals, and much more, seamlessly connecting customer or vendor specific data, content, design, and user experience, serving as an essential platform for digital business transformation.

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What Does Salesforce Community Cloud Help Companies Achieve?

Improve the customer and other stakeholder experience

  • Provide personalized information anywhere on any device
  • Access self-service tools for support requests,account history, and more
  • Engage with your organization in new and transformative ways

Optimize operations for service, sales, and accounting

  • Reduce customer service call volume
  • Increase sales by enabling transactions and pre-sales functionality online
  • Provide up to date invoicing, order, payment, and other information across devices

Reduce costs and accelerate results

  • Save money by automating key tasks and empowering your customers
  • Increase performance by freeing up human resources to focus on more complex tasks
  • Improve employee satisfaction by reducing repetitive, rote work
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Key Benefits

The Salesforce Community Cloud gives you the power to drive innovation, productivity, and performance across almost every aspect of your business.

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Integrate data from any source

Use data from Salesforce, third-party,or even legacy sources, and easily link it to key functions including leads, opportunities, cases, campaigns and custom objects

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Design for every device

Enable anywhere, anytime access with 100% mobile compatibility and fully responsive designs

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Build personalized experiences

Provide compelling experiences for your users powered by real time data from your CRM and other sources

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Increase your engagement

Recognize active users, build custom profiles, measure, analyze, and optimize your portals with real-time data at your finger tipes

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