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Accelerate Your Revenue by Re-engaging Your Visitors When it Counts

You’ve got plenty of website traffic.  Now you need to make sure visitors return when they're ready to make a purchasing decision.  A marketing world calculated in cost per click can create the illusion that customers view an ad and immediately purchase a product, but you know the truth is much more complicated.

Users tend to search, visit, analyze and then visit again before making any decisions.  Remarketing helps ensure your brand remains top of mind, and since these users have already been to your site and viewed certain pages, you can target exactly what they were interested in, allowing for a  return on investment that is among the highest in the marketing industry.

KORCOMPTENZ can provide turnkey services to support your remarketing campaigns, increase your repeat traffic, and ensure visitors exposed to your brand ultimately become customers:

  • Remarketing strategy and budget recommendations including ROI targets
  • Landing page design, development and lead capture strategy
  • Campaign implementation, management and ongoing reporting
  • Budget maximization, management and ongoing optimization
  • ROI calculation and ongoing goal evaluation

In addition, all KORCOMPTENZ can help with organic search and search engine marketing, ensuring your website captures the highest possible percentage of traffic.

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