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Do you want to reduce your total cost of ownership for Microsoft Dynamics by up to 40%?

Do you want to reduce your total cost of ownership for Microsoft Dynamics by up to 40%?

Korcomptenz - Why Korcomptenz - Reduce your total cost

Not to sound dramatic, but anyone familiar with managing a Microsoft Dynamics ERP application is probably aware that the beast needs to be fed.  Whether local or cloud, these highly complex, specialized, and essential systems aren’t designed to set and forget.  They require maintenance, troubleshooting, customizations, and enhancements to ensure you’re getting the highest possible value and usage across your entire enterprise.

Unfortunately, these services are traditionally provided at potentially exorbitant costs between expensive internal resources, and high-cost partners.  Perhaps even worse, neither is without risk regardless of costs:  Employees leave affecting your institutional knowledge and business continuity, while vendors embed themselves and plan to stay forever.

KORCOMPTENZ offers you a better way forward by combining broad business knowledge, a global delivery model, and rich access to resources to customize an engagement with the highest possible value and the best possible experience.  We’ve specialized in providing innovative ERP solutions powered by Microsoft Dynamics for over a decade, and, as a Microsoft Certified Partner, we utilize Sure Step Methodology and all of the supporting processes at a price-point that is up to 40% below the competition.

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