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The Agile Patient Journey

The Smartest Way to Acquire New Patients

Get new patient quickly and achieve a higher return on investment on your marketing dollar. This turnkey approach includes all the strategy, content, and systems you need.

Learn how to get new patients quickly

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Learn more about what it means to be agile and our strategic approach to the customer journey

Best-in-Class Systems Included

Thereaputic Area Website

Marketing Automation Platform

Reporting Dashboard

The Agile Patient Journey uses rich content, automation, personalization and segmentation to advance
healthcare consumers to appointment setting, diagnostic capture, and appropriate care.

Overall Value Proposition

The Agile Patient Journey is a turnkey technology and content solution that addresses the acquisition journey without the overhead and complexity of similar systems. KORCOMPTENZ’s secure, scalable architecture allows organizations to launch quickly and effectively, generating real results with the ability to integrate additional data, systems, and ongoing advocacy after launch.

Why Patient Journeys?

Journeys are one of the hottest trends in the marketing technology industry, promising superior results and reduced costs through a combination of more personalized, consistent engagement with customers and prospects, and improved automation. The numbers are staggering: 54% greater return on marketing investment, 56% more cross- and up-sell revenue, 3.5 times greater referral revenue, and an 18 times faster average sales cycle for starters.

Key Benefits

  • Acquire more patients at a higher return on investment, and increase targeted outreach by evaluating and segmenting patients with automated follow up
  • Decrease your time to market and enhance over time including the ability to add additional service lines and integrate with external systems like CRMs and EMRs
  • Increase your ability to measure campaign effectiveness and return on investment with improved reporting over traditional web metrics
  • Improve outcomes and reduce readmissions over time with expanded patient lifecycle support for post-surgical campaigns

Six Reasons for Patient Journeys

Return On
Marketing Investment

Improvement In
Customer Service Costs

Positive Mentions In
Social Media

Revenue From
Customer Referrels

Improvement In
Average Sales Cycle

Up-Sell Revenue

With Customer Journey Without Customer Journey

The Patient Journey Begins Here

A potential patient is prompted to visit a portal dedicated to the therapeutic area and take action

Marketing Campaign

Search | Social

Campaign Portal

Value Proposition | Calls to Action

Sign Up

Email | Text Messages

Automated Follow Up

Drive Conversions | Measure Results

The follow up is automated with the ultimate goal of driving acquisition and calculating ROI

A Unique Opportunity


Turnkey Delivery

Deploy quickly and
upgrade over time

Increase Patient

Increase conversions
with automation

Maximize ROI

Rapidly generate more
targeted traffic

Download our whitepaper

Learn more about what it means to be agile and our strategic approach to the customer journey