Our Core Culture

Our Core Culture

Korcomptenz - Our Core Culture

Welcome to Korcomptenz

Our Mission

We help our customers solve business challenges and gain competitive advantage with best-in-class technology transformation solutions that provide lasting value.

Engage. Enable. Accelerate

Our Vision

Technology should be used to augment and advance human goals, enabling us to perform our social and business functions better than ever before, but never losing sight of the personal perspective.

Create lasting value and a competitive advantage for our customers with innovative technology solutions that address their business challenges and drive their growth.

Our Values
  • Adherence to professional ethics
  • Commitment to innovation
  • Dedication to work
  • Making a difference in society

Passionate minds discover the right opportunities to succeed. KOR helps bridge this gap through relentless efforts to onboard and retain the best talent in the industry.

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The culture at KOR enables us to create camaraderie that helps us perform our jobs simpler, better, and with sustained focus. Our associates look at their peers like an extended family, and those deep relationships are reflected in our team building and problem solving.

Happy Friday

Fridays at KOR have become merrier with extra fun that allows the teams to unleash their creativity and join hands to support their efforts. We practice a fun loving, hard-working culture.


Technology changes by the minute, and KOR's culture is oriented towards keeping up. The entire team meets every two weeks for light and creative sessions on new technologies.

Rewards and recognition

We embrace a robust rewards & recognition philosophy that recognizes employees for their excellent work. These programs enables to institutionalize our corporate culture, promotes acknowledgment and helps evolve an emotional connect with employees.

Why Korcomptenz?


years of technology experience


completed projects


global team members

35.1% - 65%

total cost of ownership savings

Journey so far

The Panchatattava – The Core Elements

The Panchatattva are the 5 key elements that are a must have for every Kor member, these are…  

Our DNA reaffirms the important importance of practicing this key behavior and we see it reflected in everything we do successfully.


Sometimes we say "run to the customer," enabling a more proactive approach as a proven concept.


KOR practices ethical behavior in letter and spirit, integrity is how we believe business should be conducted


The ability to see the bigger picture is how we have grown strong over 15 years and successfully weathered the winds of change in a dynamic environment

Contagious Curiosity

The appetite to learn and to keep pace with technology trends helps make think faster and smarter, and enrich our knowledge quotient