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Office + Productivity Apps

Office + Productivity Apps

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Enable Your Business + Empower Your Employees with Microsoft Applications

Microsoft Office is synonymous with improving productivity and enabling your employees to do more in a working day. Millions of users rely on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to create, demonstrate, and calculate, but many businesses aren’t aware that today’s Office365 offers much, much more than the traditional applications. Does your organization use apps to collaborate? Socialize? Energize your entire enterprise?

If you’ve never heard of Microsoft Delve, Sway, or Yammer, it’s time to learn more how KORCOMPTENZ can help increase your team’s productivity and efficiency. We specialize in selecting the right subscription or procurement model, provisioning, managing and maintaining the next generation of office software throughout your entire organization, all at a lower cost of ownership than traditional models or dedicated team.

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Microsoft’s OneDrive synchronizes documents across computers and devices for anytime, anywhere access. KORCOMPTENZ can deploy a cloud solution to meet the needs of your business.