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Digital Growth Strategies

Digital Growth Strategies

Korcomptenz - Digital Growth Strategies

Digital Growth Strategies

Convert more prospects and retain more customers with next-generation marketing automation, personalization, and data science services supported by best-in-class platforms and technologies from top providers.

Strategic + Affordable Technology Transformation Solutions

It's no secret that unlocking digital potential can be key to an organization's growth and success, but the sheer number of opportunities and systems available can be daunting. That's why you need a partner that helps you solve business challenges, gain competitive advantage, and build lasting value. KORCOMPTENZ solutions are designed to support your short- and long-term growth. We can help you:

Identify + Target High Value Customers

Acquire More Prospects

Retain More Customers

Provide Better Customer Service + Experience

Connect With Customers on New Devices + Channels

Integrate + Analyze Customer Data

Solutions at a Glance

KORCOMPTENZ offers a full range of affordable technology solutions focuses on accelerating your digital growth by engaging more prospects and retaining more customers.

Web + Marketing Technology Strategy

Customer Journeys + Marketing Automation

Content Management Systems

Ecommerce Solutions

Mobile Apps

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Data Science + Analytics

Process Automation

Leading Technology Platforms

KORCOMPTENZ solutions utilize some of the most advanced and respected platforms in the industry, giving you access to best-in-class features that utilize next generation technology including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Kentico CMS
Adobe Experience Manager
Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft PowerBI
Microsoft Azure

Project Spotlight: Customer Acquisition + Retention

The Challenge

  • Acquire more high value patients with marketing automation
  • Re-imagine digital marketing opportunities and reduce the manual effort required to onboard new patients

The Solution

  • Engaging, high-value interactive content that triages users online
  • Personalized, impactful automated campaigns to build trust and convert more patients over time

The Results

  • 145% increase in conversion rate compared to traditional methods
  • 5X as many visitors interacted with their site and provided their email address for follow up

KORCOMPTENZ is a trusted technology transformation provider. KORCOMPTENZ's secure, scalable architecture allows organizations to launch quickly and effectively, generating real results with the ability to integrate additional data, systems, and ongoing advocacy after launch. Request a consultation today for a no-cost estimate.