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       Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales and Customer Service with a rapid deployment
       schedule to generate immediate results and plan future improvements based on actual usage.

             Microsoft Dynamics 365                                     Microsoft Dynamics 365
             for Sales                                                  for Customer Service

             Grow             Stay            Win                Improve           Personalize         Streamline
           business         focused          faster           engagement          your service       your customer

         Immediate Improvements

              Sales                                                    Service

          End-to-end lead, opportunity, contact, and               Centralized and standard case management
          account tracking both at an individual sales             throughout the organization regardless of
          representative and aggregate company                     customer origination point including web,
          level with goal tracking to ensure individual            phone, email, and chat
          performance and success
                                                                   Accelerated case resolution with automated
          T Territory based sales tracking to highlight            workflows and access to important
          geographical performance and improved                    information for CSRs
          business rules to properly track leads
          throughout the organization                              F Full visibility for management to confirm
                                                                   compliance with SLAs and identify areas of
          Workflow and automation features                          improvement
          prrovide regulated pricing decisions and
          ensured compliance with company

          F Full reporting on all relevant metrics to
          management and integration with the
          organization’s ERP for complete end-to-end
          tracking from the first touchpoint through
          the business relationship

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