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                          Customers in a variety of industries have trusted

                    KORCOMPTENZ to recommend and deploy best-in-class,
                          fully integrated sales and service solutions using

                                       Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

        Company Challenges

              Sales                                                    Service

          Limited ability to track leads from initial              Limited ability to track customer service
          contact through opportunity and closing                  issues from inception to resolution resulting
          resulting in important prospects being                   in lower customer satisfaction and greater
          potentially underserved when they require                effort to resolve cases
          information critical to making an informed
          business decision                                        N
                                                                   No auo automation or access to common
                                                                   customer service scripts, FAQ, or other
          Lack of ack of workflow and automation                    materials that could help resolve cases on a
          capabilities throughout the sales process                single call
          resulting in additional time spent
          performing common tasks like generating a                Limited integration with email, phone, chat,
          quote or accessing collateral                            and other support mechanisms

                                                                   Lack of a well-defined Sack of a well-defined SLA and the
          No visibility o visibility to the sales funnel and
          N                                                        L
          important metrics required to gauge overall              reporting capabilities to ensure compliance
          performance of the organization and                      with company policies regarding support
          individual sales representatives or identify
          areas for improvement

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