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Making Connections
That Matter

Develop custom Mobile + Web Applications that
make personalized and meaningful connections
with your customers and internal teams

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How does it work ?

If you have a great idea for a mobile + web application, but are unsure how to make your vision a reality, contact the KORCOMPTENZ pro development team, and we will walk you through our Proven process.

What can we do for your mobile + web applications ?

Full Service App Design, Development, and Support for Your Unique Business Needs

Maintenance Strategy



Extend your business into the mobile world or launch a new product for consumers

Maintenance Planner



Engage employees and accelerate business processes with internal apps

Maintenance Certificate



Integrate with best-in-class systems like Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics and Salesforce

Maintenance Deliveries



Manage, maintain, and launch new versions of your app, plus report on performance

Key Features of Mobile App Development

Today's mobile apps extend beyond the traditional smartphone and tablet interface with versions that run on wearable devices and integrate with leading providers. KORCOMPTENZ management and development teams are experienced at navigating the complexities of advanced integrations, and can help your app take advantage of these leading trends.

Health Kits



Apple Healthkit

Google Fit

Samsung Health



Wearable Devices

Apple Watch

Android Wear

Samsung Gear


Next generation geofencing and beacon technology allows your app to be aware of the devices location and trigger actions based on your unique business needs including recognizing nearby facilities, generating targeted notifications, or mapping team members in the field. The possibilities are unlimited for internal and external engagement.

Time on the market


Number of users


Frequency of updates


Validated reviews


Features and documentation


Deep web searches


Mobile apps can also be used to engage customers and associates with targeted, customized messaging that provides relevant information and prompts important actions.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud



One Signal

The internet is becoming another key element in our lives, as pervasive and necessary as the air we breathe at times. The next evolution in internet technology is complete connectivity with the products we use in our day-to-day lives.

A microwave, a fridge, a pillow, a door lock—almost anything can be connected with a mobile app. A recent report predicts that the world will have around 50 billion connected devices in 2-3 years. The evolution of communication between wireless objects and mobile phones creates a space for endless machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity options, leading to a new Internet of Things (IoT).

This M2M driven IoT accelerates the usage of mobile phones towards the automation of processes and can redefine the standard of living. KORCOMPTENZ is an early believer in the future impact of IoT, and we've already piloted contributions to several "Smart Projects", including "Smart Healthcare Devices", "Smart Electrical Objects", "Smart Home Appliances", "Smart Pillow", "Smart Locks" etc.

Whatever you can imagine, we're ready to take this exciting journey with you.

App Development Technologies

KORCOMPTENZ proven teams develop and support apps on a wide variety of technologies including hybrid, native and web application options depending on your unique needs and target audiences.

iOS / XCode

Android / Android Studio

Phonegap / Cordova


React Native

Why You Need To Have Mobile App Strategy

In January 2017, 71% of people's digital time in the United States was spent on a mobile device. There are more mobile users than traditional users worldwide, and spending on mobile ads now exceeds desktops and tablets. Salesforce also reports that 71% of marketers feel mobile is important to their business and 58% have a dedicated mobile team.

A third of mobile users read email exclusively on their devices

More than three quarters of internet users have a smartphone

Almost half of mobile users start researching on a search engine

Apps account for almost 90% of media viewing time

More than half of users check their phone immediately upon waking up

Why Korcomptenz ?

KORCOMPTENZ full-service, fully custom, and cost-effective mobile + web application development and support services for iOS, Android, hybrid, web platforms (PHP, Wordpress, Magento, Yii2, MySQL, JQuery, CSS, HTML, JSON, XML etc.) allow our customers to benefit from a unique combination of skills, experience, and value. Extensive expertise with third-party integrations, custom application development, geofencing, healthkits, and wearable technologies offers a unique opportunity to develop innovative, powerful mobile + web applications for your unique business needs.