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Mission, Vision + Values

Mission, Vision + Values

Korcomptenz - About Us - Mission, Vision + Values

Engage, Enable + Accelerate

KORCOMPTENZ embraces a simple, three-part mission to leverage technology solutions to engage customers and prospects, enable businesses, and accelerate results.  We support this mission by partnering with best-in-class platform providers such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Acquia and Kentico to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.


  • Technology can be utilized properly to address many of the challenges facing today’s businesses and the wider world including communication, collaboration, efficiency, understanding, transparency, and broadly shared social advancement
  • Technology should be used to augment and advance traditionally human concerns, enabling us to perform our social and business functions better than ever before, but never losing sight of the human need


  • Adherence to professional ethics
  • Commitment to innovation
  • Dedication to work
  • Making a difference in society



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KORCOMPTENZ is a total technology transformation provider with solutions that engage, enable, and accelerate your business.