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Webinar: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Vs. Salesforce CRM – Choose wisely between the two Leading Platforms

Modern CRM platforms offer much more than sales, service, and marketing. Learn how to choose and build upon your ecosystem wisely in a rapidly changing market.

Today’s Customer Relationship Management platforms go beyond traditional sales, service, and marketing features. Forward thinking organizations are choosing their platform or expanding their usage of current platforms based on the next generation features available and the overall ecosystem. If you are looking to benefit from critical artificial intelligence, analytics, automation, integration, and other capabilities essential to your business strategy, this webinar will dig deep into the pros and cons of each company’s unique approach. In addition, new methodologies for low-code development, drag and drop process and application creation, and improved integration with third party platforms are now important considerations in how you will customize, extend, and maintain your systems. This combination of factors makes it more important than ever to understand the total offering.

Key Takeaways

In this insightful, information-packed webinar we will address the key strengths and weaknesses of both Microsoft and Salesforce’s applications and overall ecosystem, including emerging capabilities like Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Low-Code capabilities, and discuss how to make the optimal selection or your business.

Watch the recording to learn more about:

  • What makes a “modern” CRM modern
  • Understand the core capabilities of Salesforce and Microsoft

    • Overall pros and cons
    • Price points and cost of ownership
  • Explore the next generation offerings available in the Salesforce and Microsoft ecosystems

    • Salesforce Einstein versus Microsoft AI-builder
    • Salesforce and Microsoft approaches to automation and chatbots
    • Analytics capabilities in both platforms
    • Low code technologies in both platforms
    • What’s next for both companies?
  • How to choose what’s right for you: Either or Even Both?

  • Hear directly from users of both platforms.

Who will benefit?


Christian Twiste

Chief Operating Officer

Sathish Muthukrishnan

Sathish Muthukrishnan

Microsoft Dynamics Expert

Femi Onakoya

Femi Onakoya

Salesforce Expert