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Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions

Korcomptenz - Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions

Enable + Accelerate Your Organization with Best-in-Class Business Management Solutions

The world's highest performing businesses take advantage of the world's most sophisticated software to manage and integrate their operations across accounting, operations, sales and marketing, technology, and other services.

Whether you need an ERP, CRM, or an integrated application across multiple domains, our solution implementation and management services are focused on your results, making your organization run better, smarter, and faster while reducing your total cost of ownership over time.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Keep Your Growth Curve Growing with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Focus on your organization's growth and keep your important resources on the right track. Increase sales by knowing how and what to focus on to improve the customer experience with more personalized and effective service using customer intelligence provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365. Maintain key relationships. Take quick action on sales data and close deals faster by using automated and a guided sales process with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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  • ERP Framework
  • Cloud Vs On Premises
  • Deployment roadmap
  • CFO mandate
  • Entrepreneur mandate
  • Benefits of ERP
  • ERP Implementation Phases
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Quest for ERP : Small and Medium Business Info eBook

  • Are your current legacy systems and applications failing to keep pace with your business growth?
  • When do you know your enterprise is an ERP ready?
  • Are you thinking of implementing ERP, but don't know which suits you the best?
  • What should you know about implementation as a CFO/CEO or Entrepreneur?
  • Is the cost of an implementation confusing?

Do the above questions resonate with your own thoughts? Download our eBook

The eBook is written for business owners and entrepreneurs considering implementing an ERP.

An ERP can be implemented for businesses ranging from 10 employees to 10,000; implementing earlier can have significant benefits as you scale up. ERP's are available for a wide variety of budgets and industry domains; they can provide a unified platform to operate locally, and support multiple locations and currencies for global businesses

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Small and Medium Business Info eBook on benefits of ERP


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