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KORCOMPTENZ + Mautic Help Marketers Solve Today’s Digital Marketing Challenges

Imagine if your website and eCommerce platform enabled end-to-end session trafficking across multiple properties and dynamic content. If you could quickly and easily score leads based on consumer activities across the entire digital experience. If your emails – from marketing to product to sales and support – were all personalized and optimized. If you could integrate with any system your company has bought and built. Imagine if your entire company could have a singular, end-to-end view of the Customer Journey. Imagine, then realize it with KORCOMPTENZ and Mautic.

Learn more about the customer experience and the Agile Customer Journey in our whitepaper

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An Introduction to Marketing Automation

Experience-driven, limitless commerce vs. template based, non-differentiated commerce

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Your Marketing Automation Journey

Your marketing automation journey has begun! This is the roadmap of authentically engaging your customers through automation.

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Mautic is a Full-Featured, Modern Solution for Today’s Business

Mautic empowers marketers by connecting with customers and prospects with an industry leading feature set.

Website tracking

Landing pages

Web forms

Progressive profiling

Contact management

Audience segmentation

Automated campaigns

Email marketing

Multi-channel communications

Dynamic content

Consumer scoring

Account-based marketing

Third-party integrations

Reporting & attribution

Dashboard analytics

A/B testing

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Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Mautic provides a wide-variety of integration plugins with leading systems. Plus, you can build your own to connect with just about any platform or homegrown application.

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