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The app is for the hotel managers and their employees such as electricians, janitors, painters etc. This app enables the administrator to upload the building plan to the system and identify their maintenance needs and schedule for each room. Employees can then use the app as tasks are completed and hotel managers will be alerted as to the progress. There are also additional details available such as pending tasks, time spent, etc. The hotel managers can get the details through the app from time-to-time. They could get different details such as whether the employee has entered the room or not and also the details like the amount of time that the employees have spent there.


Capturing geolocations | Mobile App Challenges

Capturing geolocations of the room as soon as an employee enters

Maintaining complex entry | Mobile App Challenges

Maintaining complex entry, exit, and task data per room in the database

Mobile App Challenges
Providing Appropriate Notifications | Mobile App Challenges

Updating the boundary colors for all rooms as maintenance is performed

Providing Appropriate Notifications | Mobile App Challenges

Providing appropriate notifications for updates as tasks are completed or potentially left incomplete


Implemented native core location framework to manage spacial detailsMaintenance App

A variety of timing options to start and stop tasks as employees workMaintenance App

Combination of graphics and icons to manage color coding and task placementMaintenance App

The same was used for adding color to the boundaries of each and every room as wellMaintenance App

Secure + TrustedMaintenance App

Maintenance Mobile Apps | Korcomptenz Portfolios


Maintenance App