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Korcomptenz - About Us - Leadership

Clara D'Silva

Clara D'Silva

President & Founder

Key Competencies

  • With a rich mix of experience for 2 decades across Brand Management , Marketing, Finance, Resourcing, Business Strategy and Information Technology.
  • Works every day on delivering the Vision of being a customer-centric IT company.
  • Passionate about helping customers realize their business goals through IT and the Kor team

Description in one word : "Commitment"
Favorite Mantra : Success lies in the devotion to details
Hobby : Watching Cricket, trying new recipes
Favorite Getaway : Goa, India
Favorite Quote : "People can feel perfection." By Walt Disney
Most Cherished Memory : Several all related to kids achievement
Prakash Anthony

Prakash Anthony

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Key Competencies

  • Over 2 decades on ERP and Enterprise solutions for many enterprise and mid-size companies
  • Rich experience across manufacturing, retail, non-profit, etc. and skilled at creating world class teams to delivering IT solutions with the best ROI for clients
  • Focused on helping customers capture the full promise of digital transformation

Description in one word : "Integrity"
Favorite Quote : Happiness depends on what you can give not what you can get" - Mahatma Gandhi
Hobby : Playing the Piano, Guitar
Other interests : Cooking world's best fried chicken
Nickname : "Irthi"
Most memorable occasion : Bharatanatyam Arangetram of my eldest daughter
Christian Twiste

Christian Twiste

Chief Operating Officer

Key Competencies

  • Over 2 decades of rich experience on Web, Marketing Automation, eCommerce, Analytics
  • In-depth agency experience working with customers to implement solutions for positive business outcomes
  • Helps customers across a variety of industries to better map customer journeys, register more revenues online and improve customer experience

Description in one word : "Energetic"
Favorite Getaway : My mom's house down the shore
Hobby : Performance driving and endurance racing
Other interests : Writing and independent filmmaking
Favorite Quote : "The readiness is all," William Shakespeare
Most Cherished Memory : My wedding day to my amazing wife
Manoj Bonam

Manoj Bonam

Chief Technology Officer

Key Competencies

  • Rich experience across multiple technology environments with special expertise in ERP, Infrastructure and Cloud
  • Ability to architect complex solutions that scale and perform efficiently to address needs of customers
  • Finger on pulse and can foresee key IT trends and help clients to adopt and harness the promise of new technologies

Description in one word : "Workaholic"
Hobby/Other interests : Music, Cricket and learning about new technologies
Nickname : Manu
Favorite Eatery : South Indian Delicacies
Best Advice : Work as if it is your own company
My Happiest Day : Day of Marriage and day when kids were born
Edward Diamond

Edward Diamond

Vice President – Business Development

Key Competencies

  • Seasoned sales and business development professional with over two decades of experience in the information technology industry. Mentored many technology start-ups with their growth initiatives.
  • Experienced at developing long-term partnerships with customers, based on trust and competence, for a win-win outcome.
  • Passionate about creating and coaching high-performance sales teams

Description in one word : Optimist
Hobby : Reading and playing Guitar
Favorite Getaway : The Mountains!
Favorite Author : Irving Stone
Favorite Dessert : Tiramisu
Best Advice : 'Your attitude determines your altitude' – Zig Ziglar
Venkateswaran Ramasamy

Venkateswaran Ramasamy

Vice President – Operations

Key Competencies

  • Rich industry experience starting with Manufacturing, Software Development, Product Development, Quality Systems implementation and HR Consulting.
  • Been part of many End to End ERP implementations with different industries like Manufacturing, Service and Construction.
  • Strong track records of successfully delivering projects for customers across different verticals and technologies.

Description in one word : "Trusted"
Favorite Quote : "A Person achieves perfection only if he finds joy in the work he does"
Hobby : Watching Cricket Matches
Favorite Getaway : Ancient temples
Other interests : Playing shuttle
Favorite Memory : Many related academic and children achievements.
Saravanan Kirubananthan

Saravanan Kirubananthan

Director – Mobile and Intelligent Devices

Key Competencies

  • With about 2 decades of experience in IT industry with a pre-doctorate and a master's degree in computer science, he has been part of several projects funded by top companies like Intel (AppUp/MeeGo), Samsung (BADA OS), Nokia (Symbian OS) etc.
  • Strong experience in delivering complex Enterprise IT solutions with special expertise Web and Mobile Environments.
  • Handled several Cutting edge projects across IoT, Smart Devices etc.

Description in one word : "Innovative"
Nicknames : Saran, Kripa
Hobby : Photography, Writing and Film Making
Favorite Getaways : Kodai Hills, Wayanad, India
Favorite Quote : Be Good, Do Good, To Sense God.
Favorite Authors : Valluvar, Bharati, Kannadasan, Osho
Murali Krishanan

Murali Krishnan

Director – Projects (Enterprise Solutions)

Key Competencies

  • 2 decades of multi-national experience in all facets of ERP implementation
  • International certifications on Project management, Information audit and security and Enterprise architecture
  • Passion to build lasting human relationships by collaborating with people, listen to their problems and offer solutions

Description in one word : "Friendly"
Favorite Quote :God is in the details
Hobby : Music and fitness
Favorite food : All fruits
Favorite Getaway : Genting, Malaysia
Favorite author : Gurdjieff